Exploring The Types Of Hair System For Men

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Publish Date : 2021-03-08 13:52:20
Exploring The Types Of Hair System For Men

Non-surgical hair replacement systems are gaining immense recognition and appreciation for their non-invasive method of combating baldness. Cheaper and harmless compared to hair transplant surgeries, the hair system for men is the perfect option to hide bald patches birthing due to chemotherapy, male pattern baldness, nutrition deficiency, etc.

The market is swamped with a variety of hair systems, and to choose the right one for you, you must have a sufficient understanding of all these systems. We have categorised the hair systems based on three main factors for your ease, and we'll explore them one by one in detail.

Based On Area Covered

The first characteristic, which is very basic to any hair system or piece, is its ability to cover bald patches. Depending upon the scalp area covered by them, they are classified into two types:

1. Toupees

A men's toupee covers only the crown part of the head and is ideal for battling the initial stages of hair recession and male pattern baldness. Their primary purpose is to hide the bald spots and can even be worn whilst sleeping or bathing.

2. Wigs

On the other hand, a wig covers the entire scalp and can even have hair falling till your shoulders or more extended. They have been widely used for theatrical purposes and usually cannot be worn to bed or shower.

Based On Hair Material Used

When it comes to the hair material used to construct a wig or a toupee, that is, any hair system, there are again two fibre options:

1. Human Hair

Hair systems with human hair are brimming with a naturalness that looks and feels real. With limitless styling options and soft texture that cannot be mimicked in synthetic hair, the price for such an excellent quality can be slightly high.

2. Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair systems are usually pre-styled, and their curls are often permanently set. Although extensively diverse in range, an individual piece lacks versatility since it cannot be customised or styled as per your requirements, lest it will degrade.

Compared to human hair, synthetic hair might be cheaper but less durable and strong.

Based On Hair Base

A hair system's base refers to the area where the hair is attached to the wig or the toupee. Depending upon its material, the following are the types:

1. Mesh Fabric

Generally processed from nylon or polyester, mesh fabric bases are comfortable to wear, lightweight and offer undetectable hairlines. Whilst nylon is a monofilament thread woven into the mesh; polyester is a multifilament thread that is knitted.

2. Polymer

These bases are made out of silicone or polyurethane to provide a skin-like texture. More durable compared to mesh fabric, polymers lack comfort and might suffocate one's scalp.


In a nutshell, the hair system for men can be categorised based on three factors - scalp area covered, hair fibre used, and hair base material. When purchasing hairpieces, it is essential to look into these classifications and recognise your requirements. It makes it easier for you to find the ideal hair system to suffice all your needs.

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