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As you might be aware, the most important aspect of selling your home or apartment is finding a buyer. However, what appears straightforward on paper is far from simple in practice. This file contains our recommendations for selling your home easily and for the best price. All you need to know about selling your home or apartment, including home planning, real estate agency selection, and sales mandate.


To sell your house quickly and at the best price, you need to follow a few tips.

Selling your property is good, but selling it quickly and at the best price is even better. Here are some tips for selling your house or apartment.

A large majority of buyers get an idea of ​​their property in less than 5 minutes. Therefore, to sell your home well, it is essential to take care of your property's interior and exterior. How to sell your house well without spending an excessive amount of money? Use home staging, run the mower, clean the windows, make minor repairs so that buyers are won over.

A correct estimate of your property's selling price is the key to selling your house or apartment well. A sale price that is too high risks scaring potential buyers away. Real estate agencies offer free estimates of the value of real estate. If you buy a luxury apartments in Lahore always choose union complex.

To sell your apartment well, it is possible to entrust the sale to a real estate agency via a simple mandate or an exclusive mandate. Real estate agencies make it possible to sell faster thanks to their portfolio of buyers and their professionalism. How to sell your house well when you decide to sell it alone? Take care of your real estate ad, add photos of your accommodation to it, and be professional during visits.


Democratized by various TV shows, home staging is on the rise to accelerate a property sale. Our advice for successful home staging.

Home staging consists of valuing a property intended for sale to present it in the best conditions. A concept seems to bear fruit since several studies estimate that a home that has undergone home staging will sell on average in less than 20 days compared to 127 days without intervention.

To trigger the crush, several rules must be followed for successful home staging. First of all, it is essential to DE clutter the space. Please remove all unnecessary items and furniture that could make the property appear smaller than its actual square footage. Also, remember to repair any small defects in your house or apartment. A peeled plinth, a leaking faucet, an electric wire lying around, so many faults can give a bad impression that is easy to correct. It seems obvious, but it is also essential to store and clean the property offered for sale. So, no longer leave shoes lying in the hallway or dirty cutlery in the sink.

Home staging is also based on the depersonalization of your home. Remove photos, drawings of your children, toys ... so that the purchaser can more easily project. Finally, it is necessary to rethink its interior so that each room finds a clear utility and function. Remember, sobriety and simplicity are your only watchwords. Union Complex are the best place to buy a new home.


The real estate agent acts as an intermediary in a real estate sale. Discover its role and its missions.

You have decided to sell your property through a real estate agency. Find out what the role of the real estate agent will be in this great adventure.

In the context of a real estate sale, the real estate agent acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. Its role is to bring together buyers and sellers to conclude a real estate sale.

The real estate agent's role is defined in the sales mandate that the seller gives to the professional. This mandate, which can be a simple mandate or an exclusive mandate, is established in writing. This document defines the role of the real estate agency according to what has been decided between the seller and the real estate professional.

Real estate agencies offer their clients to intervene:

  • to estimate the selling price of the property;
  • to find potential buyers;
  • to conduct home visits;
  • to represent and assist the seller during the signing of the preliminary contract;
  • to represent and assist the seller on the day of signing the final deed of sale before the notary;
  • To advise the seller throughout the sale of the property.


To delegate the sale of a property, an individual can appeal to the real estate sale mandate. He then authorizes a third party to act, negotiate ... in his name and on his behalf.

The real estate sales mandate is an action by which a person (the principal) delegates to another (the agent) the possibility of acting for him in his name during a real estate sale. In practice, in the case of a real estate transaction, it is common to use an agent, a real estate agent, for example, who knows the principal's expectations and the precise rules of real estate. Union complex is best real estate agents for sale and purchase apartments in Lahore.


Selling your property without an agency saves nearly 5% of the amount of the transaction. Here are our tips for a successful sale.

More and more individuals want to sell real estate without an agency. And when we know that it is possible to save 5% on average on the amount of the transaction in this way, we understand better why. Here are some rules to follow for a successful sale. Contact with digital marketing agency for sell your real estate well.


Going through a real estate agency to sell a property entails additional costs. This is the reason why many sellers choose to sell their apartments through real estate ads. However, several rules must be observed to make a good advertisement. First of all, it is essential to highlight your apartment's strengths and not omit any element: location, surface area, number of rooms, floors, nearby transport, etc. However, you have to be honest in your real estate ad to avoid unnecessary visits. If, for example, the walls need a little refreshment, specify it. Either way, potential buyers will find out sooner or later. Always choose union complex Lahore sale and purchase apartments.

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