A model adapted to your lifestyle - The top of baby strollers

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 A model adapted to your lifestyle - The top of baby strollers

At the top of the birth list, the stroller is the number one accessory for parents. She will accompany them from birth until the child is 4 years old. Between the all-terrain, the city car, the pushchair or the 3 in 1, choosing the future baby carriage is far from being child's play! Our buying advice and our selection of the best strollers.

At each age, his stroller

Even if today most models are scalable, the choice of a stroller must be made according to the age of the child. From maternity leave to kindergarten entry, priorities change as he grows up.

From 0 to 6 months: carrycot or baby stroller

  • For a newborn and up to 6 months, you have two options: the classic stroller approved for birth, that is to say equipped with a hammock that can be fully extended or a model on which you can add or replace the seat by a basket. Indeed, the very first months, a baby needs 18 hours of sleep per day. Promoting the lying position is essential, claim the pediatricians.
  • The ideal is the combined stroller 3 in 1 or 2 in 1. Both scalable and versatile, it allows you to install on the same frame, a pram-style carrycot and a shell for outings in the car. The advantage of the pack? You have it all in one! Thanks to these two elements which clip onto the frame, there is no need to wake up baby to transfer him from the stroller to the car and vice versa. A real cozy nest, a carrycot can also be used as an extra cradle when you are with friends. From 6 months, when he needs less sleep and begins to hold his head, you can do without the carrycot and use the reclining hammock or the shell which offers a semi-sitting position.

From one year old: the pushchair

  • Around 1 year old, his back is muscular enough to sit up. It is also the age when he begins his first steps. It is time for him to travel system in a so-called second age stroller.
  • Hypercompact and ultralight (between 7 and 9 kg), this model of stroller is essential in the city. Much less cumbersome than its counterparts of the first age, it folds and unfolds in two steps three movements hence its name of stroller-cane. Easy to transport, it will be of great help to you when you are tired of frolicking or when you have to use public transport. Certainly less cozy than a baby stroller, however, take care of the comfort of the seat. At this age, he still needs to rest. So you need a multi-position backrest and an adjustable footrest that you can recline as soon as he dozes off.

A model adapted to your lifestyle

  • Choosing a stroller should be guided by your lifestyle. Take a close look at your daily life and ask yourself the right questions: Do you live in a house or in an apartment? Do you plan to take him to his nanny or to the nursery on foot or by bus? Are you a fan of public transport or, on the contrary, always by car? You will not buy the same model if you are a city dweller or live in the countryside. The ideal stroller is the one that best suits your habits.
  • For urban use, choose a compact stroller, not too heavy, nor too bulky. It will be more easily transportable in your apartment without an elevator and more maneuverable on narrow sidewalks thanks to its small swivel wheels. Also think of the metro stairs that you will have to go down and up!
  • On the contrary, do you live in the countryside and enjoy long walks in the heart of nature? Only an all-terrain stroller equipped with large wheels and a sturdy frame will fulfill the contract and too bad for the weight and the bulk. Three or four wheels it doesn't matter, but make sure they're swivel and have suspensions and shocks. As a general rule, this type of “all-terrain” model is more maneuverable and comfortable on bumpy paths and other roads strewn with stones.
  • Twins or close together, the multiplace stroller
  • Finally, if you have twins or if you have shared custody with two young children, there is an additional constraint: being able to walk them together. The multiple stroller is yours. As with mono, you will be spoiled for choice. Depending on the model, they can be seated side by side or in single file, that is to say one behind the other. Note that some double strollers offer the possibility of switching back to mono mode by removing a seat. History to limit congestion when traveling with only one child.
  • If you have older children, you can also attach a simple skateboard behind the stroller for your older child. He will be delighted to ride it like a grown-up. Another alternative: the buggypod sidecar. This is an ingenious system that hooks onto the stroller and thus provides an additional seat.

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