Best places to visit for fun at Norwalk

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Best places to visit for fun at Norwalk

Gorgeous beaches and magical sunset - that's how Norwalk attracts many tourists from across all over the globe. Norwalk is the best place for many travelers who love to explore eateries, shopping, and having blastic night outs. This amazing destination has its own culture and class. Being a high-end beach-oriented destination, Norwalk offers a plethora of attractions, shopping malls and classy restaurants. 


If you are a marine life lover, this specific destination has a Maritime Aquarium that offers its visitors an eye-pleasing beach, beautiful sunset scenes, and a thrilling & lively vibe. Moving towards its history, Norwalk was incepted in 1649, and it is the 6th highest populated city in Connecticut. 


So, reading this makes you thrilled to plan a trip to Norwalk? But thinking about the cheap tickets that also offer a luxurious flying experience, Delta Airlines Tickets will be ideal for you. 


Congrats! You booked the ticket, yet you are having trouble about where to start your journey? Which place will be the best to start and best end the journey? Don't worry! This post will offer you the rundown of the best fun places that you can explore in Norwalk. Have a look,


  • Plant Hill Park


The globally recognized historical society of Norwalk is situated on the east side of the Norwalk River. The Plant Hill Park consists of three structures which are around 280 years old. The most common attraction of this place is the Town House which was built in 1835, and it is one of the most iconic structures in Norwalk which was made of bricks. The Town House of Norwalk has a collection of beautiful pillars, meeting space, and some recognized memorabilia. This amazing park also has several other facilities, including a children's play area, football pitches, skate park, MUGA (multi-use games area), exercise equipment, etc. This place will surely offer you one of the best experiences while exploring Norwalk and you should indeed add Plant Hill Park to your must-visit list of Norwalk. You will never regret this decision to explore Plant Hill Park with your friends and family. 


  • Norwalk Historical Society Museum


The Museum of Norwalk Historical Society was built in 1973 and was opened for local people to explore on the 5th of December 2015. The high-class royal family member- Julia Beldon Lockwood and her cousin "Manice deForest Lockwood" donated the ideal amount of money to construct the house and was also crafted by Margaret Hoyt Smith. This beautiful house was passed down to generations to generations of the Lockwood family. But in 1997, this mesmerizing and historic house turned and showcased as the Museum of Norwalk. One can witness the history of four different collections in this Museum. The Norwalk-Village Green Chapter, Lockwood family, Norwalk Historical Society and the Connecticut DAR (Daughters of American Revolution), and the City of Norwalk are also rotated in this Museum and exhibit visitors. You will feel damn blessed to explore this Museum with your family and friends. Also, you can buy historic gifts from here.


  • Norwalk Oyster Festival


Norwalk Oyster's Festival is a yearly fundraising fair held on the 1st end of the week after the auspicious Labor Day in Norwalk, Connecticut. This amazing festival spread its vibes in iconic Veterans Park, helping the Norwalk Seaport Association manage and operate the Sheffield Island Lighthouse and maintain the science education classes. More than 20 local non-profit organizations participate in this festival to raise funds. This amazing festival includes several different types of delicacies, shop vendors and entertainment facilities for the visitors. This is the place you should definitely give a shot. 


  • Sheffield Island Lighthouse


This beautiful historic lighthouse of Norwalk, Connecticut, United States of America, is situated in the Norwalk Islands' southern corner. The "White Island" was also bought by the Captain, whose name is Robert Sheffield, in 1804 for around 6000 Dollars. But in 1826, the son-in-law of Robert Sheffield - Gershom Smith sold around 53 acres of land to the government of the United States of America to build a lighthouse. Also, the Son in Law of Robert Sheffield served as the first keeper of this lighthouse and at that time, this island was known as Smith Island. 


  • Venturing Stones Museum for Children


With the motive to help the children and kids to learn and use the crazy and fascinating ideas, in 2000, the government opened intelligent instructive zones for the children that grind their creative skillset, interest, and ideas. It also consists of an Energy Lab that allows kids to research the concept and study vitality with a superb exhibition. 


These are some of the best fun attractions one can explore in Norwalk. If you are interested and looking to book a flight ticket, go for the Southwest Airlines Reservations and get the best deals and discounts. You can also take help from the customer service representative to initiate the booking procedure. 

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