Pros and Cons of Setting up a Business in Dubai

Author : John Harry
Publish Date : 2021-05-19 13:34:16
Pros and Cons of Setting up a Business in Dubai

Dubai is considered the best market for new businesses all over the world. People just not want to do visits here but also want to do business. The market of Dubai is very fertile and attractive for investors. The flexible policies of the UAE government provide multiple options to the investors as well as the entrepreneurs. The government of Dubai has signed many treaties and MoUs with different states and countries under the world trade organization. The purpose of signing these treaties to provide tax-free trade between well-developed countries. Because only these countries can provide the experience of the vast market to the investors. The multicultural environment also attracts financial backers to have the business setup in Dubai.

There are plenty of opportunities in the market of Dubai. These developments and opportunities increase the opportunities success ratio of business for new startups. For foreign investors, this land has more than 20 million consumers. These consumers just not give a huge sale but also increase the worth of business in other world's market. Other facilities are provided to these businessmen by the department of economic development. This department allows them to do work freely. The trade and business in Dubai are Tax exempted. So, the business set up in Dubai is always the best option for the people in the whole world. So, besides these little benefits, there are some specific pros and cons for the businessmen, investors, or entrepreneurs, who want to get their business, settle in Dubai.

Pros of Having Business in the Mainland of UAE


  • Being a businessman or new investor you want to have a vibrant growth of your business. So, the land of Dubai provides such an environment that provides you with the best vigorous growth of your business.
  • If you are going to have a business setup in Dubai, you can do the tax-free trade and business just not within the jurisdiction of Dubai but also in the other states of the UAE.
  • Favorable investors and environment along with the government support provide you with the best pros of having business in Dubai.
  • Under the Free zones, you can do a different kind of businesses. There are more than 20 free zones in Dubai.

Cons of Having New Business Setup in Dubai


  • Where there is a bundle of pros and benefits of having business in Dubai, there are few cons also. If you are setting and registering your company under the free zone, you can face trade limitations as the free zone allows only a few business activities.
  • If you are a foreign investor and you want to have a business set up in Dubai, you can't do it without sharing 51% of your company with the local partner.
  • All the businesses are not allowed in Dubai, you have to take the permission and registration letter from the DED.
  • Without the company registration and legal procedure, this is impossible to start a business activity in Dubai.
  • Due to the diverse cultural activities, you can't put your themes so frequently in the market.


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