Smoking Weed; Rules and Manners

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Publish Date : 2021-04-21 10:41:32
Smoking Weed; Rules and Manners

When we talk about smoking weed in groups, there are certain set rules for the newbies and old smokers alike. Smoking is generally known as a great sociable activity. It brings friends closer and is great for old friends' reunions and parties. The ritual of smoking is common for those who take part in marijuana smoking.  

With the rise in the CBD industry, recreational cannabis is becoming more common because the buzz it creates is easy to handle in social situations. For the next time, you go to the smoking get-together, and if your friends have not tried the CBD joints as yet, you can bring the CBD joints boxes and invite them to try something new. You will have a great experience smoking CBD, and you will get all your desired effects.   

Following are some rules and etiquette for you even you are a novice or are a regular smoker and want to level up your game.  

Puff and Pass  

This is the most common and widely known rule for group smoking. Just take a puff or two and then pass it on to others sitting with you.  

Keep the Filter Dry  

It is also one of the rules to keep the filter of the joint dry. Keep in check your saliva when you are participating in the group smoking.  

Keep the Proper Rotation  

Always make the clockwise rotation. In this way, no one will get skipped. Moreover, you can make the rotation to the left, it is easy this way, and everyone will get his turn.  

Peer Pressure  

If an individual in the group does not want to smoke for any particular reason, nobody should pressure him to smoke it anyway. Furthermore, if someone is smoking throughout but does not want to smoke any further, in that case even, there should be no pressure on him to smoke more. It has a benefit for you that you will get to smoke more if one person in the group is not smoking.  

Keep the Cleaning in Priority  

This is the unspoken rule but yet the most important one. When one of your friends invites you over to his place, he is not only hosting you but also giving you the space that is his family's too. Make sure that before you leave, you clean the space you were smoking in. Clean up the chamber and show courtesy to your surroundings. Never leave the space untidy and unclean. Doing this, a little act of respect will ensure that you will get invited over and over again.  

Be Gentle to the Newbies 

Smoking a joint is a big deal, and it has to teach well to the newbies. If you are an old-timer and you have newbies in your group, make sure that you do not pressure them to smoke a great deal. Instead, make them smoke a little and help them handle themselves with all the buzz. Tell them the possible effects of smoking a joint prior to their first trial. You have this responsibility on your shoulders to be nice and gentle to the newbies.  

Be a Giver   

When you are invited over to your friend's place or to any party, make sure that you bring something with you. Bringing the snacks and drinks that everybody can enjoy while smoking is a great gesture and is one of the etiquettes of group smoking.  

Give Help in Rolling a Joint  

Rolling a joint requires mastery and skill, and not everyone can do that with perfection. You can bring along the pre-rolled joints, or you can simply roll the paper yourself, having someone's assistance. If it is your turn to roll, but you have no idea how to do it, do not feel shy in taking other friends' help. Watch them how they do it, and with a little practice, you can also roll a joint with faultlessness.  

The Final Takeaway  

It is not a matter of concern if you are a newbie or an old-school smoker. These are the rules that everyone should take into consideration to have a great smoking gathering and enjoy it at the same time. It is a great social activity, and with the little efforts and etiquettes, you can make it memorable for life.  

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