What is SEO copywriting or where do SEO copywriters get texts?

Author : Beth Harmon
Publish Date : 2021-05-25 10:52:05
What is SEO copywriting or where do SEO copywriters get texts?


For several years now, we have been talking about the fact that seo-texts on the site do not play any role, or even vice versa - they interfere with promotion. Is it so?

If this is a stupid set of keywords in the text that takes up the entire screen, then yes - it makes little sense. Now all search engines "love" the site to be useful to people. People, of course, love it too. They are actively looking for information on the Internet, go to your portals, blogs or news resources and want to receive answers to their questions. By the way, to find a useful article, you still need to try. In this matter, specialists are helped by "copywriting for SEO".



SEO copywriting is a technique of writing texts for a website in such a way that it is not only readable, but also contains a certain number of key phrases / words by which the page with the text will be found in Google and Yandex searches. At the same time, the topics of the articles are absolutely diverse: the writing style can be either business or literary, or neutral. And in each case, you need to harmoniously "cram" the permissible number of search words. It is very important to remember about the number of keys, because search engines will punish for their overabundance.

An SEO copywriter is a specialist who is fluent in the technique of writing optimized texts. In fact, he is just a copywriter, but he understands well the features of promoting site pages in search engines. Such specialists are now in great demand in the digital services market and online business in general.


What is important for a copywriter to know about SEO?

Nausea of ​​the text

This is an indicator of oversaturation of the article with keywords, for which search engines often pessimize the page of the site, and it will not get into the TOP of the results. In turn, it is divided into academic and classical nausea.


Occurrence of keywords.

This is a search query inscribed in the text. The main types of entries: exact, direct and mixed (diluted). With an exact entry, the phrase should not be modified. When entering directly, the query can be separated by comma, period, hyphen or dash. Mixed - this is all the rest, when you can inflect key phrases by case, insert additional words between them, etc.


LSI - inquiries 

These are queries, the presence of which increases the relevance of the text. A very important knowledge for a SEO copywriter in cases where the main keys are multi-semantic. For example, an article about Milan. The main clue is the word Milan, but it can describe both a city and a football club. And here are the additional words "football", "city", etc. and there are words that complement the main request and reveal the essence of the article. This example, of course, is the simplest and the presence of the listed LSI queries is obvious, but there are more complex situations and knowledge of this technique is not superfluous for a copywriter.



All these parameters do not need to be checked "manually", there are many services, by uploading the text into which you can see the above metrics. As a result, the copywriter understands what and how to rewrite the article to "like" the search engines. But you need to understand that the algorithm should not be the last resort and remember: all this is done for a potential client - the article should be interesting and answer the main question on which the user came.

These are the most basic concepts that beginner copywriters who want to work in SEO should definitely know.


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