Your quick guide to caring for your Alstroemeria plants

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Publish Date : 2021-03-08 05:17:15
Your quick guide to caring for your Alstroemeria plants

Buying Alstroemeria online in Australia is just the beginning. We understand that as an amateur gardener you have plenty of expectations of growing Alstroemeria plants at home.

But you are still not quite aware of the right conditions such as soil, climate, nutrition, growth, and other care conditions.

Here we will give you in hand detailed information regarding all these. This article is also good for anyone who is looking forward to buy Alstroemeria online in Australia and wondering whether it will be the right decision to make. 

The ideal soil for the growth of Alstroemeria

The best soil conditions for the natural growth of Alstroemeria plants include cool soil that is rich in organic matter. As far as the pH conditions are considered neither too acidic nor too basic soil is adjustable to the plants.

You should ask a gardener to check out the pH value of your potting soil and even the nutrient conditions in the soil and make it ideal for the growth of these beautiful flowering plants.

For soil you can go by this- include the same ratios of sphagnum peat moss, normal garden soil, sand in small quantities, perlite, and some amount of clay and gravel.

You may even have to buy a few of the above-mentioned substances but this is the ideal soil for the growth of Alstroemeria plants.

Considering the ideal climate for the growth of Alstroemeria plants

The best climatic conditions after you have gone on to buy Alstroemeria online in Australia include a cool and shady climate.

For your Alstroemeria plants to flower or blossom, there are two process requirements which we are going to just name here. If you intend to study more about them you can go on and search the internet for some vital pieces of information regarding these.

These two phases include- the Thermo phase and the photo phase. The Thermo phase is always a prelude to the photo phase.

If you keep your Alstroemeria plants in a greenhouse chamber then the ideal temperature conditions should be within 15- 20 degrees Celsius.

If you have bought Alstroemeria plants at their nascent stage ensure that the heat from sunlight is not too much. At the same time, your baby Alstroemeria plants will also require around 8-12 hours of sunlight every day. This should continue for a minimum period of 6-8 weeks.

For flowering of your Alstroemeria plants, you should keep them in day-long sunlight to ensure their maximum growth and blossoming.

Ensure that the outside temperature does not exceed more than 30 degrees Celsius during the summertime as this may cause the plant to become wilted and go into the dormancy phase.

Propagation of your Alstroemeria plants

The best method is to allow propagating the Alstroemeria plants by the division of rhizomes preferably during the time of dormancy.

You can buy Alstroemeria online in Australia but the continuous division when you have kept them in a greenhouse chamber should be practiced only once the plants have reached an age of a minimum of 10-12 weeks.

Ensure that before the division begins you cut them back and keep the plants to a height of 10-15 cm.

The rhizomes are better to be removed before the division process begins.

What is the best planting time for your Alstroemeria plants?

Now, this is one question that might have been running on the back of your head right from the time you have to alstroemeria buy online australia.

Well, it’s best to plant them in your garden or indoors in a pot during the times of September to October or during the February to March period. 

Knowing about the planting method for Alstroemeria plants

If you have gone on to buy Alstroemeria online in Australia and that too in large quantities then you should plant them in beds and they should be at least 15-20 cm deep to allow the roots to grow.

Spacing will depend on whether you want to cultivate Alstroemeria or cut them once the flowers have blossomed.

Within a row, you should and within two rows the minimum spacing to be given is around 40-50 cm. now you might think that this is just too much but you also have to look at the fact that if you don’t give sufficient spacing for the growth of the roots then they will wilt and die within days of planting.

The rhizomes are better planted at a minimum depth of 3-4 cm that will allow the plants and their branches to grow and also your pot will look more filled up.

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