AV Furniture: TV Stand Buying Guide

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Publish Date : 2021-05-18 19:07:53
AV Furniture: TV Stand Buying Guide

AV fixtures is essential to the ones people who revel in TV and films, but need our domestic theater to look great and supplement our domestic. One of the important thing portions of AV furnishings is the TV stand.

If you're looking for AV furnishings then you definately recognize that there are such a lot of TV stand alternatives that it's nearly thoughts boggling. How are you able to in all likelihood pick the right TV console on your desires?

There are numerous things to recollect while selecting a TV stand.

Location, Location, Location

Rooms can be massive or small, rectangular or spherical, conventional or peculiar-shaped, and the whole lot in-among. Newer large flat panel TVs take in a variety of space and need a TV stand or TV mount to in shape. You may additionally have to get innovative to without difficulty in shape your new large TV stand in a room of your home.

A nook TV stand may be an wonderful answer. It allows you to tuck your TV into the corner freeing up treasured wall area in the relaxation of the room.

Hanging your TV on the wall the use of a wall mount can also be a lifesaver in a room where it's already tight.


When you buy a flat display screen TV, you buy it through length, but the length this is distinctive is the diagonal measurement of the display screen. On the opposite hand, while a TV stand specifies that it may accommodate TVs as much as a positive size, there is truely no manner to tell whether they may be are talking approximately diagonal size or real TV width.

A TV's width will usually be much less than its diagonal screen size. That way that whether or not they're referencing the TV width or TV display diagonal period, the TV stand will accommodate either.

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That being stated, in case there is a mistake within the description of the TV stand you're considering, it's properly to verify the actual width of the TV stand so you can compare it to the width of your flat panel TV.

Other issues associated with the size of the AV furniture you are thinking about encompass whether there are any physical features of the room that would affect the TV stand, how excessive do you want the TV to sit down, and if there may be enough room to effortlessly stroll among existing furniture and the new TV stand.


The general theory is that the middle of the TV display screen have to be at the equal level as the eyes of the visitors. If you are going to mount the TV on the wall above the fire or on a excessive TV stand, that may not be realistic.

On the alternative hand, if you use a tilting mount, you will be capable of point the TV display screen down at the visitors effectively achieving the same aspect.

In our home theater, we've placed the TV higher because we sit in recliners and looking straight at a TV that is at eye-stage is awkward and a pressure on the neck. If you'll be ordinarily watching TV from a reclined function, keep that during mind when you're selecting your AV furnishings.


Most TV stands specify a most weight further to most width for the flat panel TV's they could accommodate. You have to be cautious approximately the burden specification though. Some manufacturers specify the full weight inclusive of all cabinets that a stand can deal with and some will specify simply the load of the TV, this means that the weight that the top of the TV stand can withstand.

Your Style

AV furnishings style is important. When it involves your property furniture, it's all approximately the way it makes you sense. You have your personal style and your TV stand need to reflect that. TV stands are available in wooden, metal, glass, and other substances. You can select a stand that fits the rest of your AV fixtures or one that enhances it. If you watch quite a few TV, you need to be cozy with the fashion in order that it reinforces desirable feelings in preference to being a regular reminder of your questionable desire.


Most cutting-edge TVs are vibrant enough to overcome ambient light in a vivid room, however shadows can nonetheless purpose problems relying at the region of your TV. It's an amazing concept to be aware of this whilst you're setting the TV stand so you don't turn out to be with terrible sunlight hours viewing.

Cable Management

Some TV stands have a hollow cutout inside the again of the stand and that they call it cable management. True cable management consists of routing clips and other routing strategies that will help you cover and manipulate your wires, cords, and cables. If the seems and agency of your setup is crucial, make sure to select a stand with a real cable control design.


It's extensively generic that your TV's integrated audio gadget will in all likelihood be uninspiring. Sound bars and external speakers are the solution and permit you to immerse yourself in excessive definition audio which could completely trade your viewing experience.

With that during thoughts, you need a place to place audio system or the sound bar and subwoofer. Some TV stands come with resorts for the speakers and a subwoofer, however maximum do not. If you need to position a legitimate bar in the front of your TV or speakers to the facet, make certain you've got allowed enough room in your new AV fixtures for them.

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