Different values of the GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship

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Publish Date : 2021-02-23 11:47:50
Different values of the GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship

Among the top GIIS scholarships is the Global Citizen Scholarship (GCS). The scholarship instils absolute values to meritorious students coming from needy communities.

In this article, you will learn the values your child develops from the GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship, other than financial support. 

Let's get started.

1. Honesty and trust

GIIS GCS have won many parents, students and universities' trust globally.

For instance, GCS is well-known to support brighter students, and its recruiting is free and fair. From the practice, your child will learn the need to be honest and trustworthy.

On the same note, universities and recruiters will have trust in your child. Having undergone the scholarship recruitment means your child has a unique trait worth investing in, and that is where institutions will decide to give your child a chance to join their crew.

2. Accountability

GCS scholarship has different categories. Each category has set targets that your child should meet to qualify for either. The stricter the scholarship terms, the better the reward. And the primary determinant the scholarship board looks for is academic excellence.

For this reason, your child should be a performer if looking forward to applying for the scholarship. This way, your child learns to be accountable for performance, which goes a long way even later in life.

To qualify for the GCS scholarship, the scholarship board will first check on your child's grade 10 performance. Your child cannot be tested for grade 11 and 12 to qualify for the same grade's scholarship.

Bear in mind, winning the scholarship for the first time does not guarantee your child full support in the two years, grade 11 and 12. For continued support, your child should keep excellent performance in both grades.

The recruiting process involves scholarship assessments and interviews to confirm eligibility beyond reasonable doubts. In fact, your child should have scored at least 93.0 per cent and above for CBSE, ICSE, State and Other Boards Students. If IGCSE, GCSE "O" Level, your child should have attained a mean grade of "A" pluses in eight subjects.

Moreover, you will have to show supportive documents that show your child is a performer, and that you deserve financial support.

Overall, your child should be excellent in academics to win the GCS scholarship, at GIIS the best school in Noida.

3. Encourage philanthropy

GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship (GCS) supports distinguished students with financial support for education. It funds education costs and living and boarding costs for students on GSF campuses. 

From the support, your child learns the value of giving to the needy and its impact on their lives. In turn, your child may become a philanthropist later in life by offering similar scholarship support, or else, give education grants. 

You can also notice the value develop while your child is still in school. Your child will start sharing at an early age with the fellow students and with family and friends while at home.

4. A student develops socializing skills.

Socializing skill is among the less recognized scholarship values. The skill is valuable even after school, including, at the workplace, in new countries or states, while at home interacting with family.

Besides, your child will have a chance to interact with other students who won the same scholarship. 

They are likely to share experiences too, which in turn glues them as friends. The networking may continue to grow significantly if your child joins the university with new friends.

During overseas trips, your child will get to interact with different cultures from different countries, expanding your child's network even further.

Make sure you understand the eligibility criteria and other aspects of the scholarships thoroughly before applying! 


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