Fashion Designing in Education

Author : aishajindal
Publish Date : 2021-03-26 19:15:47
Fashion Designing in Education

An immediate image for the word ‘fashion’ conjures up glitz and glamour. Fashion has now been in existence for around 5000 years and is also dynamic on an everyday basis fashion designing has carved its own different but very important image and has now become a very essential part of the field of education. Fashion Trends and many distinct dressing styles have also varied across many cultures in the terms of colors, designs, and many more.

Fashion designing now has been considered as one of the most lucrative, glamorous, and also very exciting career options as well. If you are the kind of person with a penchant for creativity, styling, and also originality, then this career in the fashion designing field is made up for you. The fashion industry also satisfies the students with creative fancies and even with the materialistic requirements for the people. A career in fashion designing always promises their students glamour, fame, success, and also some of the students get to achieve much high pay package as well.

What is deep in there?

There is much fashion designing college in India refers to as the designing of the clothes and also the lifestyle accessories. It is also influenced by cultural and also social attitudes. It has come out as a very long way from all the designer clothes that are worn by the royals or rajwadas in the ancient world as to the haute couture with the products of the present. Excellent skill in the set comprising with a very decent aesthetic sense, color expertise, and also the sense of trends and many fashions and then also the good knowledge of fabrics is that what you need to have built up as your career in fashion designing.

For achieving admission in the colleges for fashion designing in India, the students need to give an admission test. In India, this fashion designing industry still got its fledgling stage. This industry also offers the students plenty of opportunities for their talent, hard-working and also enthusiastic people.

Prospects for fashion design also graduates which are proven pretty good.

After successful completion of this designing course, every student can remain self-employed or can even practice out with many top achieved fashion designers by sitting in an interview. Bachelor of Design (B.Des) is a course specialized in designing with a full-time four-year degree course that is spread across eight semesters which has been offering by many top design institutes available in India.

However, there are only some of the selected design colleges available in India that offersthe course of B.Des as a five-year course as well. B. Des admission process requires the same eligibility that is by clearing up the admission test. Below are mentioned the names of exams that students need to appear for:

  1. The Gurukul School of Design, Jaipur
  2. National Institute of Fashion Technology -NIFT
  3. All India Entrance Examination for Design - AIEED
  4. National Institute of Design- NID
  5. Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design-UCEED

Now, you know the admission process for B.Des and colleges to get admission for this course. So, why to wait more? Start preparing for this course and fill up their application forms. All the best!

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