The quilt on an embroidery machine

Author : becitop948
Publish Date : 2021-04-28 07:24:15
The quilt on an embroidery machine

The online embroidery digitizing, in addition to traditional embroidery, is capable of making different things. Not herself, of course, but with the help of the person who controls her. Now there are quite a few different projects that are called Piece in the hoop in the west. If I try to explain in an accessible way what it is, then I would answer like this: these are projects that allow you to get a finished product or workpiece in the hoop without using a sewing machine.


It can be:

  • Almost ready-made soft toys, which you just have to fill and sew up the remaining hole.
  • Various curly loops with double-sided towel applique.
  • Various embroidered accessories that the embroidery machine even sews together - cell phone cases, eyeglass cases, etc.
  • Blanks for a quilt. With or without embroidery.

I looked at the quilt technique on an embroidery machine for quite some time. Finally, today I decided to make a square with a simple design myself. In my opinion, a quilt can be regarded as one of the varieties of appliqué on fabric, and therefore, why not do it right in the hoop? Especially someone like me who doesn't like sewing.

Here's how I got it:

I will show you step by step how I embroidered it.

At first, I made a simple program, consisting only of simple lines. 1020 stitches in total.

  • The first thing I did was hoop the stabilizer into the hoop. I recently bought a 60g / m perforated Chinese tear-off non-woven liner. Very soft and delicate, despite its rather high density. I decided to try it.
  • Next, I put the base fabric overlapping the embroidered square completely.
  • Then I sewed on my fabric around the perimeter so that it would not fidget, wrinkle or crease. I don’t know, maybe it’s not necessary to do it. But I thought it would be right.
  • Then I embroidered the top curly border and my first line along which I will lay out my first fabric.
  • The first thing that came out for me was the marking line of my future quilt. I decided to embroider everything with black thread so that everything could be seen.
  • I took the fabric and placed it face down, edge to line like this:
  • I started the car and sewed this fabric to the existing one:
  • Next comes an interesting moment - I fold the fabric to the front side:
  • Next, I have one more line embroidered right on top of everything, under which I will trim the excess blue fabric and align the edge of the next fabric:
  • I cut off the excess:
  • I put the following fabric:
  • The processes of sewing, folding, trimming, and laying out all subsequent pieces to the end of the embroidery digitizing are repeated again:
  • In the end, when I had already sewn everything and turned it back, I decided to circle the whole square with a black line. But now I think that it was clearly superfluous.

For more details:


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