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It is essential to take care of the skin, and for that, everyone has their own skincare regimen with which they beautify themselves and come out with clear and healthy skin. Everyone can lose one’s self of proportion with unnecessary skincare steps, especially when encountering various nighttime routines on social media. However, professionals are suggesting a streamlined and straightforward strategy for healthy skin. We have brought a practice that will target more ingredients in fewer steps.

It was stated by an esthetician that the philosophy of healthy skin lies within the basics. It has been categorized with a three-step routine: cleansing, fixing and caring. It is a useful approach that will reap skin advantages. It is doable for every user, whether you mean real business with the skincare routine or looking at ways to trim down the products. These three steps are what everyone needs in their skincare regimen.



The next step that comes in this routine is fixing. It is the stage where the directed treatment occurs. It can contain masking, abolishing the pores, or using serums with concentrated ingredients to resolve a particular problem.

It can require a single product or might involve several ones to correct the skin’s imbalances. You can use a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum in this regard. It will appear different, relying on the time of day you are using it. For instance, a person may use a vitamin C product during the day while using vitamin A1 in the night. It is best to meet a dermatologist and check your skin type and what it needs under the current skin condition.

Retailers should use custom Kraft boxes for packaging these products and mentioning the ingredients like vitamin C or vitamin A1 on the box to inform the user of your product’s details. It will support them in making an informed decision about the skincare product.


It is the most fundamental thing, and cleansing the face must be on top of the list. It removes of all the impurities and dead surface cells existing on the skin. It also acts as an absorbent that will excellently soak the products in the clear face.

It depends on the skin type and requirement. For instance, if the skin is young and healthy, you should not worry as manual manipulation of the skin is sufficient to eliminate the cells on its own. All you require a soft cleanser that will be used with the fingers.

It is vital to discuss here that the cell turnover slows down as you age and will leave the skin dull and flaky. It will also stop the skin from absorbing the products effectively. It indicates that a person needs to exfoliate the skin. It should be included in the cleansing phase. It can be obtained by physically exfoliating the skin with a scrub or using a cleansing tool for it. You can also use chemical exfoliation with enzymes or healthy ingredients to cleanse the skin.



This step will require the user to take care of the skin. You can wear sunblock regularly to protect it against UV radiation. However, it is not about wearing moisturizers but fortifying the natural moisture barrier of the skin. It is essential to guard the barriers in order to receive nutritious skin. It can be done by using the right kind of lotion or cream.

If you experience flakiness, sensitive patches, a dry skin, it hints that your moisture barrier has been weakened.


To Sum Up

You should carry the products to protect yourself against blue light or other problems, but following the aforementioned points in your skincare regimen will result in clearer and healthful skin. You should not worry about the skin and make your skincare procedure monotonous and lengthy.

We will like to hear about your experience if you are following this regimen. Kindly share your success stories with us.


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