How to make the final decision about the best cancer treatment in India?

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Publish Date : 2021-02-25 10:31:31
How to make the final decision about the best cancer treatment in India?

How to make the final decision about the best cancer treatment in India?


The patients diagnosed with cancer and their families have to make difficult decisions about getting the treatment. The decision can come with a feeling of anxiety, fear, a sense of urgency, and statistics. With time, the cancer treatment has improved and this has helped the patient to get cancer treatment cost in India under their budget.

No doubt, it is your personal decision when you want to undergo the treatment. No doubt, when you get it done you need to be comfortable no matter what choice you make. If you are confused about how you need to begin then this article will give you information to get it done correctly. Some of the important decision-making processes include the following:


Get to know about the diagnosis

You get the bespoke treatment plan as the doctor understands the cancer type and stage. You must understand in detail the diagnosis. If you have any concerns about the disease or treatment, then ask questions to the healthcare team. When you are researching online, make sure you are careful about the same. Do not believe every information you read. Many sites are providing misleading information. Talk to your health care team and they will be able to tell you better from where you should read about the cancer type. In all, their explanation will be fruitful in every sense.


Understand the availability of all the options

Consult your cancer expert regarding the possible treatment options along with the stage and cancer type. The treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, palliative care, taking part in clinical trials, or any other treatment suggested to you.


Understand the treatment goals

The doctor will suggest you the treatment to stop, eliminate, and stop cancer. Along with that, you will be given supportive care and the possible side effects & symptoms are managed. The doctor must tell you in-depth about the treatment plan & how it will be beneficial for you. The treatment must align with your personal goals.


Talk about the treatment side-effects

In some cases, cancer can result in long-term side effects. You should talk to the cancer doctor about how effective the treatment will be and is there anything that needs to be done to manage it. You should also discuss whether the treatment will be affecting your chances of conception in the future. If you get to know about the possible side effects beforehand, it helps you to explore the possible options which can prove beneficial.


Understand the benefits

You should talk to the oncologist about the possible negative and positive outcomes of the treatment. It includes the chances of cure, chances to live longer, impact on your life quality, chances to live longer with or without treatment, and what you prefer.


Discuss with your loved ones

We cannot discuss our thoughts or feelings with everyone. You should talk to the people whom you can trust like family members, oncology social workers, other cancer patients, friends, and spiritual advisors. Work with your cancer care team and get the best possible care to live a better quality of life.

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