Best Virtual Reality Games

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Publish Date : 2021-03-13 07:38:05
Best Virtual Reality Games

There is a lot of buzz about the best Virtual Reality Games available for the HTC Evo Shift. You've probably seen it on many gaming sites and forums: it's very popular, and people are claiming it's the best of the bunch. But what exactly makes a game "one of the best"? And how does it fare against the other leading VR headsets like Gear VR and Occulus Rift? In a look at some of the best Virtual Reality Games currently available on the market for the HTC Evo Shift, we've laid out a checklist of criteria to rate each of the games in order of their quality and entertainment value here you know more


We started by examining the price. The lowest price for the HTC Evo Shift is around $400, making it one of the best virtual reality games on the market. The lower price puts the game at the top of our list of contenders simply because it offers a much more practical alternative for those looking to save money. We also didn't like the fact that the game costs so little; you can buy the headset for less than most high-end VR headsets while still enjoying a top-quality experience.

Multiplayer Gaming

Our next candidate for the best virtual reality games for the HTC Evo Shift was multiplayer gaming. Rock Band isn't the only multiplayer game available for the HTC Evo Shift, but it's easily the most popular with players. With around 20 million copies sold worldwide, Rock Band is one of the most successful games for the system, thanks largely to its wide appeal and the ability to run seamlessly on the EVO Shift. It also gives EVO owners access to a host of in-game perks, such as extra lives, song lyrics and even celebrity appearances, which is always a nice touch.

Games Controller

Next up in our list of the best virtual reality games for the HTC Evo Shift is interactive gaming. Many of the same features present in multiplayer options apply to this list, with the addition of fully-interactive controllers. These controllers are actually more like wireless, second screen controllers, meaning you can use them without actually taking your eyes off the game in order to play. They give you the ability to not only play the game but to fully interact with it in various ways. The standard game pads work well, but there are now new designs that provide for smaller grips, for better control, and for added comfort.

Virtual Reality Games

One of the best additions to the HTC Evo Shift is a brand new feature: ghostly help. This is a fun addition that helps you get through some of the more challenging parts of the virtual reality game, such as puzzles or more difficult portions of the tracks. These ghostly help contacts are small, about the size of the standard controllers, and are used to point you in the right direction or to give you hints and tips. They work in conjunction with your own movements and reactions to complete the level and are a great addition to the virtual reality gaming experience.

PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect

For another exciting multiplayer option, consider both the PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect. These innovative devices are already being integrated into most current games, meaning you can easily become a Minecrafter in Minecraft and be able to craft items to sell on the marketplace. It's unclear at this time if there will be support for the Portal gun in future versions of the game, but if you're looking for a great multiplayer option then this could be it. The Move allows you to move through environments, while the Kinect is used to interact with objects in the environment, meaning you can play games much more naturally than with the standard controller.

Gaming Adventure

For those who enjoy more active adventures, then the top two choices is the Sony PlayStation Moving and the Xbox Kinect. These gadgets are currently capable of tracking your hand in three dimensions and allowing for much more activity than the standard controllers. These are great additions to existing games online, but they also allow for more complex action, including running and jumping, which can be difficult to do without a headset and controllers. For instance, the Move uses an external camera to detect your movements, and the Kinect uses its motion sensors to turn your hands into handles and guns for first-person shooting experiences.

Next Generation Tecnology

The best games are still to be found on the cutting edge of technology. Next-generation headsets and controllers will usher in a whole new world of interaction, allowing for truly immersive gaming experiences. However, for the moment, it is still best to stick with standard, first-person gamepads. After all, these are the basics, and the headset and controllers are just the first steps to making an experience in a virtual reality truly unique. With the addition of next-gen consoles like the PS Move and Xbox Kinect, there's no telling what the future might hold.

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