Greeting Cards still matter in the Social Media Age

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Publish Date : 2021-03-23 07:35:21
 Greeting Cards still matter in the Social Media Age

You wake up in the morning, feeling groggy. You check the date and then open up you social media app. There are a few dozen notifications telling you that people have wished you a happy birthday through your messages or through a public post. Most of the time, you blindly scroll through, say a few words of thanks and go about your day. Does that sound familiar?

Social media is a lot of things, but intimate and personal are rarely two words that you would associate with social media. Like a lot of things digital, social media is a convenient, easy, and cheap (read free) way to keep constantly connected to the lives of those around you. Whether it is friends, foes, workplace colleagues, family members, or even that one Uber-driver that stops your ride so you can grab a snack on the way home, you can be connected to them all the time. This constant connection is great but having such a large “friend” group on social media also means that your social media feed is “diluted”. The people who truly matter to you are often lost in the vast crowd of everyone else that you know. Add in posts from various other users and social media’s own tricky ways to keep you scrolling, its value for connections starts to quickly diminish.

Impersonality and Greetings

It is even worse when it comes to expressing congratulations or greetings during special occasions. While of course there is some appreciation over your connections on social media congratulating you on any significant occasion, it lacks the intimate connection. Half of the people wishing you well you perhaps care very little about. Perhaps what little you would care about such acknowledgments is reduced further by knowing at an intuitive level that salutations on social media are such low effort actions. While true, that every greeter takes a little bit of time out of their day to congratulate you, it perhaps takes them less than 10 minutes to do so. Perhaps even less if the other people who are wishing you well show up on their social media feed.

Impact of Effort

Contrast a rapidly written social media post congratulating you on your career move to someplace else. Compare it to perhaps a greeting card, chosen specially for you, a heartfelt message of congratulations penned within its two ends, and sent to you just in time. How different does it feel? When people do things that require more effort for us, we recognize that effort and realize that it’s a sign of how much we mean to them. As little effort as sending a personalized greeting card is, in the grand scheme of life at least, it still sends a message to its recipients. That they have been thought of, that they are important and that they are loved and cherished.

Final Words

A personal touch with personalised message on cards is so important to show people that you care about them. check store like Pop up Cards Direct . Just like a generic gift will never mean as much as a gift that is personalised birthday cards , a personalized form of sharing well-wishes will always have a greater impact than just a simple message on a social media wall.

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