What is an app and where can I find one?

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Publish Date : 2021-09-23 17:56:54
What is an app and where can I find one?

You just received your tablet this Christmas and have a lot of questions? That's good because we've provided you with a number of tutorials that will make your life easier and, we hope, answer all your questions. Today we're going to wisely start with a little recap of the different ways to get apps! like linktr

First of all, what is an application?
To put it simply, it's mini-software created to perform a task.

Let's take an example: the Gallery application (on android) allows you to view the photos you have in the memory of your tablet or smartphone. It is installed directly with the purchase of your touch screen terminal and cannot be deleted (except for hackers ). This type of application is said to be “native”. But the applications do not stop at those that are found on the first start on your tablet since there are several hundreds of thousands of them  on the big “market places” (or application stores), stores that we are going to. review in this article. Displaying Your Wooden Ship Model

For Android tablets

Le Play Store Android.

Google Play Store

The easiest and fastest way to download apps is to go to the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market), either via your tablet (an app is pre-installed for that), or via your computer by visiting on the dedicated site: The purchase of applications is done via Google Wallet (formerly Google Checkout ), you will therefore pay by credit card (you will be asked for it when you make your first payment) .

Alternative markets:

The use of alternative markets can sometimes save you a few euros through one-off promotions. There are about ten of them but only two or three are really interesting.
We refer you to our detailed file of all the major existing alternative markets for Android , in particular: GetJar, SlideMe, Appoke and the Amazon Appstore! Rather reserved for advanced users.

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For iPad, iPhone and Apple products

The Apple-based operating system is also very full of applications (moreover at the time of this writing than on Android with regard to applications specifically dedicated to tablets), but unlike to Android, there is only one real app store, the App Store.

The appstore

L'App Store

The App Store is accessible in three ways:

  • directly from your iPad by launching the App Store application
  • on the iTunes program for computer (Mac or PC, forget Linux)
  • or on the internet on the following site: 


There are, to be precise, other marketplaces on iOS. However, they are not recognized by Apple, and not accessible to non “jailbroken” iPads. This somewhat technical manipulation to which we will come back later is not “quite” authorized by Apple, far from it and we are only at the first tutorial. Patience :)

As you will have understood, a tablet is nothing without its applications which allow you to do just about anything and (especially) anything ... So you now know where to find them. By tomorrow, therefore, you can go dig into these “marketplaces” to look at the most downloaded and used ones. We will meet again tomorrow for a next tutorial, it will be on  television on tablet  !

For Windows 10 tablets

Windows 10 tablets have access to the Windows Store to install compatible apps. To access it, simply launch the application from your tablet by pressing the following icon: 
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