9 Things to Expect When Building a Shipping Container Home

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Publish Date : 2021-09-28 16:14:27
9 Things to Expect When Building a Shipping Container Home

The sustainable trend to repurpose shipping containers in the building industry has helped revolutionize the tiny house appeal. Shipping containers offer the ideal shape and size to create modular home designs, offering the opportunity to create a unique tiny home, or build a home room by room. They can be used as additions, on their own, stacked or side by side, allowing homeowners to customize their homes using a sustainable method. If you are considering building a shipping container home, here are nine things to expect.

1. Finding a Used Shipping Container Can be Challenging

Make sure you do your research when sourcing your shipping container(s). The shipping container industry has become a popular target for fraud, with online sellers offering containers they actually don’t have. Always visit the location, inspect the container, and make sure it is in acceptable condition to be repurposed for living.

Remember, many of these containers have been used for years as freight containers travelling many kilometres in extreme conditions. Be sure the container can easily be repurposed and that it actually exists before making a payment or even leaving a deposit. Legitimate companies won’t expect a deposit and will also expect you to want to see the containers they are selling.

2. Buying Brand New, or Close to Brand New is Always Preferred

As mentioned above many used shipping containers have been abused for years. Ideally, you should deal with a company offering either brand new, or “one-trip” containers that have little to no wear and tear. This just provides more peace of mind while also ensuring there is less chance of toxins lingering in the container.

3. Local Rules Could Interfere with Your Plans

Depending on where you build your home or addition, you could be faced with rules and standards that interfere with your plans. Be sure to look into the building standards and regulations in your area so you don’t run into issues mid or post-build.

4. Contractors Might Not Understand Container Builds

It can be difficult to find a contractor with “container” experience. Container modifications are still reasonably new, so there aren’t too many contractors out there familiar with the process or even the concept. You’re looking at both construction and interior design challenges that call for special knowledge and experience. Hiring a company that specializes in shipping container calgary modifications is the best way to overcome these challenges.

5. Structural Integrity Dictates Design

You need to understand that the structure of the shipping container dictates how you can design your home. The longer load-bearing walls require modifications that provide proper bracing. Again, it’s all about finding a contractor or company that understands proper storage container modification principles to ensure your build is structurally sound. They’ll know where and how to cut out doors and windows to look appealing, provide safe entry and exits from the home, yet maintain the load-bearing integrity.

6. Shipping Containers are Not Necessarily Cheaper

Be prepared to contend with the costs of building a shipping container home. It is more the size that saves money than using the shipping container itself. You still have to pay for the same things as a traditional home such as electrical and plumbing, and keep in mind finishes are just as expensive regardless of the fact your home is built of shipping containers. Make sure you understand all of your costs, so you don’t run out of funds mid-build.

7. Special Skills are Costly

As mentioned in point #4, modifications require specific skills when building a storage container home. The process often requires a welder to complete some of the work. This is a skill that comes with a high price tag, so, if possible, try to keep the amount of welding required to a minimum to help reduce labour costs.

8. Insulation Can Take Up Space

Keep in mind that every inch of your shipping container counts. Even something as simple as insulation can infringe on living space. You’ll need insulation that is specially designed to protect against condensation, as well as hold up to cold winters and hot summers. This is not an area of the home you want to try to make up space. Be sure you go with the right insulation, so you don’t find your container home is unbearably hot or cold.

9. Running Pipe Takes Planning

Make sure you include an experienced plumber at the planning stage. They can point out where to run pipe and cut out plumbing chases. These details are important with limited space. If you don’t consider plumbing, your plans could lead to costly last-minute changes.

If you keep these things in mind when you decide to modify a shipping container rental, you’re home build will go far more smoothly.

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