A Comprehensive Guide about Things to Avoid in B2B Cold Calling

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Publish Date : 2021-06-15 11:17:40
A Comprehensive Guide about Things to Avoid in B2B Cold Calling

Finalizing business to business deals is surely not easy. Before convincing your prospects to sign a deal and start a business with you, you have to do a lot of hard work. You have to search the market to narrow down some ideal prospects. Then you have to check your compatibility in term of objectives and agenda, and after that comes the crucial point of appointment setting.

The appointment setting is surely the trickiest part. You or your representative cannot physically visit a prospect to get the time of a formal meeting, as it may seem odd and awkward. This is the major reason cold calling is still quite popular in business to business dealings and help the interested prospects set meetings smoothly. However, it is only possible when you use it efficiently.

This article intends on sharing a comprehensive guide about things you should avoid in B2B cold calling, so explore attentively and increase your cold calling success rate.

Top 6 Things You Should Essentially Avoid in B2B Cold Calling

Cold calling is an essential need and requirement of business organizations that want to scale up their venture and win more and more prospects. Unfortunately, the organizations invest a lot of time, effort and resources into cold calling but often fail to achieve the desired results. The major reason behind this is that their resources keep following the things that they need to avoid at all costs.

Here are some of the major things you should essentially avoid in B2B cold calling to increase your profitability.

1. Not Preparing for Call

The first thing that you essentially need to avoid in B2B cold calling is not preparing for the call. You cannot just dive into a call right after knowing about an opportunity. You need to be sure of the options, objectives and goals to pursue the call. Only skilled and well trained cold call agents can initiate the calls after preparation. Many organizations hire experienced cold calling companies to ensure the support of skilled agents that can manage the calls with complete preparation.

2. Selling to Gatekeeper

The next thing you need to avoid in B2B cold calling is selling to the gatekeepers. It means that you should not start selling to the person receiving the call. First, you need to confirm that the person receiving the call is a decision-maker, and then you can proceed. If the receiver is not a decision-maker, you cannot bluntly ask to be connected to them but have to utilize a strategic approach so that the person, on the other hand, automatically does so.

3. Sticking to a Script

One of the biggest things to avoid during B2B cold calling is sticking to a script. You surely need to follow the purpose and agenda of your call and discuss all the points you want to put on the plate. However, while doing so, you should never read out the complete sentences written in the form of a script in front of you. Instead, try to handle the call naturally, and it will be more successful.

4. Talking More than Prospect

Another essential point that you need to watch out for while making B2B cold calls is talking more than prospects. Some people have the habit of talking more. It is acceptable somehow unless you are talking to a prospect. The reason behind this is that the prospect can find it intimidating, annoying and all talks, which can make them reject your offer. So, let your prospect talk and respond responsibly.

5. Asking Close Ended Questions

Another important point you should avoid in B2B cold calls is asking close-ended questions. Close-ended questions are the ones that require a short answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It can limit the prospect in well-defined boundaries that may not align with their goals. Instead, ask open-ended questions, so they can respond comfortably and put their suggestions on the table.

6. Losing Sight of your Goal

Lastly, the most critical thing that you need to avoid and watch out for in B2B cold calling is losing sight of your goal. Your first priority should be accomplishing your goals. Losing sight of your goals can make you earn a loss instead of signing a profitable deal. If your agents are not skilled enough, you can outsource cold calling and let the experts help you achieve your goals smoothly.

Avoid the Discussed Points and See The Difference!

Now that you are aware of the points you should avoid, you can see the difference in your success level and popularity. However, if your call agents are unable to grasp the situation and keep making mistakes, you are up for the loss. You also have the option of cutting your loss. Get in touch with professionals to stick to the essentials of B2B cold callings and increase your prospects winning rate.


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