CBD is Helpful in Alzheimer’s Disease

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Publish Date : 2021-04-21 11:00:47
CBD is Helpful in Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a neurological disorder that is progressive in nature and has no cure yet found. It slowly destroys the thinking partner and affects drastically on memory. The patients of Alzheimer’s are all time-dependent on their caretakers, and they cannot even carry out the simplest tasks of daily life. The cause of this disease is yet not known.


However, it can be caused by environmental and genetic factors. The patients lead a miserable life, and they cannot even remember the petty things like intake of food and even forget their close relatives or friends’ names.  


All the neurological disorders seem to make an individual’s life wretched and depressed. He/she cannot seem to find any respite from their gloomy life. In a situation like this, anything that can provide a little comfort to them will be a blessing. Many types of research are being held on the use of the widely popular substance, that is Cannabidiol, for neurological disorders.


It is a compound that is derived from the Cannabis plant, and it has many therapeutic and medicinal benefits. The use of CBD has been legalized in 47 US States, and it is now widely used in different forms and methods. The use of it does not make you intoxicated and provides you with several health benefits. The use of CBD is becoming common with each passing day, and the CBD display boxes available in the retail store has a tremendous amount of sales. It has really proved as a game-changer for many. 


CBD Oil and Alzheimer’s 

Alzheimer’s disease has currently affected over 6 million people in the United States alone. The negative symptoms of this deadly illness only get worsen with the passage of time, and it comes to a point where an individual cannot even cope with the daily routine’s tasks.


The patient can only live up to 8-10 years after being diagnosed. There’s no known cure for this disease. However, studies are being conducted on the prevention of it and how the symptoms can be controlled to make the lifespan a little longer.  


CBD affects a specific part of the brain, which is known as the endocannabinoid system. This comprises two receptors, CB1 and CB2. The former is present in each part of the brain, including the area which is responsible for memory function and learning ability. The later receptor is present in certain immune cells in our brain, which is called microglia. The signals sent by the CBD products largely affect the hippocampus, which gets destroyed by Alzheimer’s disease.  


The promising studies have shown that CBD reduces or removes the effects of inflammation, oxygen, and brain cells decline. Inflammation is the core reason of Alzheimer’s symptoms, and CBD owing to its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce inflammation. The inflammatory response happens when the brain’s cells fail to clear the blockages. 


In Alzheimer’s, the patients’ brain cells tend to get a rapid decline and destruction. In clinical tests, it has been demonstrated that the use of CBD help preventing the development of Alzheimer’s negative results. It has been found that CBD promotes the growth and renewal of brain cells, which eventually helps in reducing the decline of memory and other brain functions.  

The Potential Risks of Consuming CBD

Many users have reported the adverse effects of consuming CBD, like diarrhea, bloating, and nausea. On average, 3% of patients reported liver problems, and they discontinued the use of CBD. Moreover, the high dose of CBD even caused high tremors in dementia patients. It depends on the individual that how much does he/she can take and tolerate.


The new individuals who look forward to consuming CBD in any form should keep in check the dose and monitor its effects. With having said all that, it is important to take into notice what the World Health Organization says about the use of CBD, “no public health problems… have been associated with the use of pure CBD.” So, whenever you make a purchase of a CBD product, ensure that it has pure CBD as the ingredient in it.  

The Final Takeaway  

The use of CBD can make the lives of Alzheimer’s patients less miserable and also can prolong their lifespan. Further studies and clinical tests are being carried out on its use, and one can say that it is totally natural and safe to consume.

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