Finding a suitable trolley model for your industry

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Publish Date : 2021-07-26 13:00:48
Finding a suitable trolley model for your industry

In this post, we are going to give you ways on how you can find out a suitable trolley for your industry. We have mentioned about seven different trolley types.

Remember that it is the type of use and the features that make a trolley fit for certain uses in various industries.

It is no doubt one of the most essential pieces of industrial equipment with numerous variants.

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Platform trolleys for warehouses

The platform trolleys are fit for warehouses. You can also see these trolleys in other working environments mostly where the type of load to be carried is immense and generally heavy.

This is why the load platform is very low and open type. It is made from industrial-grade steel.

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Multitier trolleys for multipurpose use

Multi-tier trolleys are suitable for transporting various items. This is why there are many purposes for which it can be used.

You can generally see these trolleys in hospitals and schools. The material used for manufacturing is generally aluminum that makes it lightweight and good for carrying all light to medium weight items.

There are a lot of racks and shelves to be used so there is plenty of storage space in them.

To find out a suitable model click on to view.

Order picking trolleys for your shopping malls

You must have seen the order picking trolleys in shopping malls. These are best for loading up your daily grocery items or garments, and other stuff generally what you find in a multi shopping complex.

These are made from industrial-grade aluminum and can carry all light to medium weight objects.

You can also find them being used in commercial kitchens and canteens.

Powered trolleys along assembly lines

The powered trolleys are used for various jobs in industries. These are found in all types of engineering industries and are used alongside assembly lines.

There are a lot of models that you can choose from. So click on to view the various models now.

Office trolleys for front offices

Office trolleys are good for all front offices and storing and transporting official stationery items such as paper cartons, files, documents, folders, bags, and other stationery items in offices.

These are generally made from either fiber or plastic. These are only suitable for transporting lightweight items and goods.

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Hand trucks for engineering workshops

Hand trucks are good for engineering workshops. But having a strong load-bearing capacity means that you can use them for transporting all types of heavy equipment.

Apart from engineering workshops, you can also use them in construction sites, warehouses. They can also be seen being used in railway platforms, seaports, and airports for carrying and loading items on vehicles.

There are lots of models that you can get for hand trucks.  Find them all by clicking on

Cleaning and hospitality trolleys for your restaurants and hotels

As the name suggests you can buy cleaning and hospitality trolleys in restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, cafeterias. These are good for loading up all cleaning items on one go.

Find out any suitable model for cleaning and hospitality trolley and check out on

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