Four important tips for 4WD to get Mobile RWC quickly in Queensland

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Publish Date : 2021-05-17 10:18:08
Four important tips for 4WD to get Mobile RWC quickly in Queensland

4WD or Four-Wheel-Drive is something very precious to any owner. Maintaining and looking after it becomes essential; otherwise, it may take a good sum of money to get the repairs and the replacements done in order to get the mobile RWC. Although, you might be looking at going on an adventure with your 4WD soon enough or just before you place it for selling it in the market. However, you should know that even though you’re trying to sell it, you must still take care of the car. Here are some of the basic tips that might help you keep the vehicle in good shape. 

Get the inspection done right 

The factory service of your car is a guide when you should get the vehicle out for an inspection. Well, you should do it regularly every time you take it for an offroad trip. Other than that, when you’re planning for hardcore driving, it is particularly important to get the service done. During the service, your car is cleaned properly to get rid of the sand, dust, water and mud that add stress on the suspension, drivetrain and also on other components. The last thing you want to realize halfway on the trip is a broken or non-functional part of the vehicle. If you’re not sure about any component, visit Totally Mobile Roadworthy. 

Check the fluids once 

Checking the fluids as well as the filters in your 4WD from time to time is essential and an easy way to keep up the engine’s life. Here is a list of things you must check: 

Engine oil 

As oil is the lifeblood of your engine, without which it will practically die! If your oil is dirty or low, you know that it is time to change it as soon as possible. Approach a mechanic who can change the oils for you. 

Engine coolant 

Engine coolant is important when you’re driving off-road. The 4WD works hard running at lower speeds by providing the cooling system with full support to work overtime. So, if you witness that the coolant is low, top it up right away or visit a mechanic who can investigate your issues real quick. 

Air Intake Filter 

The air intake filter lets you keep out the dirt, water, rock and other items away from the engine. Driving offroad usually catches more debris which needs to be cleared out so that it doesn’t start clogging. 

Wash under your vehicle 

Washing the outside of the vehicle is as important as cleaning its interiors. Mud and sand do accumulate underneath your car over time. If you’ve recently visited a beach, you must wash under the surfaces as the salt may make the parts worse. The only tip here is to use a high pressure of water thoroughly at each corner. 

Do a brake test 

Even the mobile roadworthy certificate mentions that your brakes must work perfectly. Surely, you may not want to discover your brakes worn down. Listen out for any squeaks and other noises or vibrations from your pedals. In simpler words, perform a brake test correctly to figure out any potential issues.

If you’re unable to inspect any of the issues manually or visually, visit Totally Mobile Roadworthy for a detailed inspection and quick assessment with Mobile RWC or Mobile Roadworthy Certificate.

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