Starting A Used Clothing Business By Wholesale Buying A Complete Guide

Author : Beth Harmon
Publish Date : 2021-05-20 06:08:26
Starting A Used Clothing Business By Wholesale Buying A Complete Guide

Industry overview

The United States of America's consignment and resale business is worth billions of dollars. The industry generates more than $ 16 billion in revenue per year, which includes revenue generated by antique stores, which accounts for about 13% of the industry's annual revenue.

According to statistics, the number of consignment stores opened In the United States, growth has been steady at 7%, with more than 25,000 registered mailing and resale stores scattered across the country.

Globally, many businesses are forced to close due to adverse economic conditions, but the consignment retail sector to which the used clothing business belongs remains steadily growing and perhaps more profitable over the years. .

Recent research by the US research group shows that a year around 16-18% of Americans will shop at a thrift store, while around 12-15% will shop at stores. shipment of goods (resale shops).

At the same time, an estimated 20.6% of those who shop at consignment stores visited used clothing stores.

It is well known that the turnover of a fairly used textile company can be more than 50%. This is the main reason why entrepreneurs who want to make money with a business without too much stress and with little start-up capital open a second-hand clothing store. They could either start a business using their car, garage, or rent a store.

The consignment industry is benefiting more and more customers as more and more consumers realize the need to cut wasteful spending and save as much money as possible. Another factor that prompts people to get started. In the used clothing business the amount needed to start the business is relatively small compared to other small businesses.

This also facilitates the task of the interested entrepreneur. industry anytime they want. The barrier to entry for this business is relatively affordable, and any serious entrepreneur can easily raise the capital needed to start this business without resorting to borrowing from the bank.

Starting a Used Clothing Business by Buying Bulk Market Research and Feasibility Studies

Demographic and psychographic data

When defining demographics and psychographics those requiring clothing should encompass all of this with special emphasis on low income people.


List of niche ideas in the used clothing sector to specialize.

There are several areas in the used clothing industry where you can branch out to generate more profit and gain more customers. They are all closely related to the used clothing industry and could be used side by side. Below are some ideas that one can specialize in within the used clothing industry;

  • Used online clothing store

  • Worn mobile clothing store

  • Non-For Profits Resale Stores

  • Garage sales

  • Brick and mortar consignment deposit

It is also important to note that entrepreneurs who are considering the Textile Business may also decide to specialize in the sale of electronics, used furniture and household appliances, used books and educational materials, shoes, bags. , belts, used computers, telephones and accessories, etc.

The fact that the used fabrics business requires low start-up capital, is easy to start, does not require any technical skills, and is highly profitable, making it one of the sought-after businesses that people want to start, resulting in strong competition in this sector.

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