5 Magical Ways to Clean Carpets on a Dryer When It’s Furnished in Place

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5 Magical Ways to Clean Carpets on a Dryer When It’s Furnished in Place


Dry carpet cleaning method

Many women prefer cleaning carpets over dry ones, and we support this idea, as frequent cleaning of carpets with water may lead to the destruction of its tissues. Before talking about the methods of cleaning dry carpets and carpet cleaning mixtures, we must first mention the ideal way to clean the carpets from dust and attrition before talking about cleaning the dry carpets from different stains.

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How to clean carpet from dust and dirt

  • The room is prepared for carpet cleaning, where items are arranged in place and obstacles that may hinder carpet cleaning are removed.
  • The vacuum cleaner is used to suck dust from the carpet. If there is some difficulty removing furniture, you can use the small nozzle of the broom to pick up the dust around it.
  • If there are pets and their dander is widespread, you can pick them up using a roller lint remover.

In this way, you can prepare the carpets for cleaning, and you can choose any of the methods that will be mentioned later in the previous paragraphs to clean the carpets from stains on the dry while it is in place and now we move to the first method.

The first method: washing the carpets from difficult stains using the magic carpet cleaning mixture

This method is used to clean dry carpets in the event that there are hard-to-remove stains, and all its steps must be applied so as not to harm your carpet or damage it.

  • Gloves and a mask must be used during the use of this method and during the preparation of the mixture.
  • Caustic soda or (potash) is purchased from detergent stores + chlorine bottles.
  • To prepare the mixture, a spoonful of caustic soda is added to two cups of chlorine, with good stirring.
  • You notice the rise of fumes as a result of the interaction of caustic soda with chlorine, these fumes have a severe effect on the respiratory system, make sure to prepare the mixture away from children and make sure that you wear a muzzle, and you can stir with a long stick hand to be as far as possible from the rising fumes.
  • You can add a little water to dilute it, and you can use it as a concentrate in case the stains are difficult.
  • The mixture is left for two hours before using it in the container in which it was prepared.
  • After two hours, the mixture is placed in a spray bottle, and do not forget to wear gloves.
  • A few of them are sprayed on the carpet area and cleaned with a light scrub to notice that the carpet is completely cleaned of the stain.
  • It is also preferable to test the effect of the mixture on a small hidden place before cleaning it.

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The second method: cleaning the carpets with sodium bicarbonate or baking soda

  • The carpets are cleaned well of dust and dirt, as we mentioned in the first paragraph of this article so that the baking soda granules do not mix with the dust.
  • Sodium carbonate or baking soda granules are sprinkled on the carpet in the place of the stain.
  • Leave it for an hour and remove unpleasant odors you may need to leave overnight and re-clean in the morning.
  • Then, using a soft brush, the place of the stain is rubbed with granules of sodium carbonate until the effect of the stain is completely removed.
  • Vacuuming the remains of carbonate granules with a vacuum cleaner.

The third method: the method of cleaning carpets with vinegar

  • Add one part of vinegar with two parts of warm water in a spray bottle.
  • A little solution is sprayed on the place of the stain, and do not immerse it in the solution only until it forms a foggy layer on the place of the stain.
  • Leave this misty layer for ten minutes on the spot.
  • The place of the stain is rubbed using a soft brush until the trace of the stain is completely removed.
  • You may need to repeat the step of rubbing the stain several times until the effect of the stain is completely removed.
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Method 4: Carpet washing using carpet cleaning products

In this paragraph, I try to collect some of the carpet cleaners that you can use to clean dry carpets that are available in stores and which some carpets may not be aware of. I try to collect in them some of their advantages and disadvantages until you decide, madam, whether you can use one of them while you are cleaning carpets on dry your.

  1. Fast carpet cleaner: This cleaner is available at a price of about 40 Egyptian pounds in a size of 795 g, and you can use it to clean carpets, mattresses, and floors, and some who have tried using it think that it is a good and wonderful product.
  2. Fighter Flash Carpet Shampoo: Carpet shampoo for cleaning carpets and removing unpleasant odors from it. Some of those who used it say that it is effective, concentrated, and has a lot of foam. It is available at a price of about 35 Egyptian pounds.
  3. X-Large Cleaner for cleaning all types of carpets: This product is available in a liquid form, rich in foam, with a volume of one liter. It is said that it is suitable for cleaning all types of carpets.
  4. Carpet stain remover from Unified: This product is available at a price of about 95 pounds, and it is available in the form of a spray, and it can be used to clean various carpet stains, car carpet stains, and car seats as well.

These were some of the products you could use to clean the carpets on your dryer, but what if all of the above didn't work? You can use one of the carpet cleaning companies in the area around you.

The fifth method: using a carpet cleaning company

There are many carpet cleaning companies available, and you can use one of them to clean your carpets, as the workers in these companies use certain tools, equipment, and cleaning materials to clean the carpets from stains and dust, and one of them has a carpet drying and perfuming service.


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