Admission 2021: The Top 3 High Schools in Japan

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Admission 2021: The Top 3 High Schools in Japan

High school is a crucial stage in children’s overall development as it builds their perspective on personal, social, and global issues and takes them a step closer to dealing with real-world problems. Known for its high academic standards, Japan has many high schools that provide a unique learning methodology to its students to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Children are exposed to new academic subjects, the latest learning skills, and inventive teaching strategies in Japanese schools to prepare them for higher university education. With a caring and learning multicultural high school environment, the students can truly acquire practical problem-solving skills and a greater understanding of others’ cultures, behaviors, and attitudes which will help them in the future. 

Scroll down to know about the top 3 high schools in Japan.

1. Global Indian International School (GIIS)

One of the most prestigious international high schools in Japan, GIIS focuses on its children’s cognitive, emotional, and spiritual development. With a well-designed learning methodology that extends beyond academic achievements, the high school curriculum at GIIS works on imparting skills and knowledge to its pupils to help them thrive in 21st-century society. Catering to individuals’ educational requirements from different backgrounds, the school provides its students the option of choosing from Indian and international curricula. In the case of international students, the choice of IGCSE or IBDP curriculums is available. 

The key features of the education offered by this international school in Tokyo are as follows:

  • With the Bridge program of GIIS Tokyo, the student can get admission to the school at any time during the academic term and receive the required assistance to cover the previous syllabus and catch up with the classes.

  • Different tools are used to enhance children’s learning and add-on skills and conduct detailed assessments to comprehend every child’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • The school also provides value-added programs such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) to primary students to boost the learning curve and understand their interest areas. 

  • The course also includes extra-curricular activities as a means to hone performing arts, leadership, and innovation skills in children. Outdoor games like badminton, volleyball, and soccer provide students a chance to build character and become well-rounded individuals to face the world.

  • Besides sports, course enrichment activities such as quizzes, group projects, or short tests are conducted to challenge students’ learning capability.

  • With various subject clubs and co-curricular activities such as drawing and painting, children are given proper exposure for holistic growth.

2. Waseda University Senior High School

Based on the pre-war high school of the same name, the school was re-established in 1949 and promotes independent learning goals, good citizenship, and a focus on life skills. With the objective of practical utilization of knowledge, the school motivates its pupils to grow up to be active world citizens with a deep understanding and gratitude towards different cultures, values, and opinions, as well as of their traditions. 

Along with scholastic education, the students in Waseda senior high school are exposed to an extensive yearly schedule of extracurricular activities and study tours. This helps the children evolve into conscious individuals equipped with academic and personal skills necessary to face the challenges of life ahead. 

The students are required to choose a second language between German, French, Chinese, or Russian. Upon experiencing a wide range of subjects in the first year, students can choose between humanities or science courses for the last two years of high school. Along with academics, the school also encourages students to focus on a wide range of extracurricular activities. It has about fifty different clubs (cultural, arts, and sports) for their overall development in an enjoyable environment.

3. Horizon Japan International School

Situated in the cosmopolitan port city of Yokohama, the school was established in 2003 and serves the educational needs of students from preschool to high school. 

With a state-of-the-art campus, the school aims to nurture each student in a caring and challenging environment from a young age by providing an international level educational framework. 

Accredited by two of the world’s leading accreditation organizations; (CIS) in Europe and WASC in the USA, the school offers an overall learning pedagogy along with a rigorous and engaging curriculum. Committed to achieving academic excellence and evolving individuals into global citizens, the school focuses on instilling intercultural learning and bringing out students’ diverse perspectives on social and global issues through collaborative programs.

With qualified and experienced professionals, the school tries to identify each student’s learning styles and needs for their academic, social, physical, and emotional development. 

Children are at a critical juncture of life while entering high school, and under the right supervision, they could successfully transform into happy and motivated learners. Therefore, parents need to pay special attention while choosing the perfect school for the children that focuses on holistic development without ignoring academic excellence and pursuit of extracurricular activities.

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