Benefits Of Photoelectric Smoke Alarms Over The Usual Ionisation Smoke Alarm

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Publish Date : 2021-09-26 14:55:52
Benefits Of Photoelectric Smoke Alarms Over The Usual Ionisation Smoke Alarm

More than fifty Australians succumb to residential fires each year. Sadly, most of these deaths are preventable. Did you know that smoke alarms are obligatory in Australia to ensure the safety of the occupants in a fire? Most of these fires are rampant at night when people are asleep. Having a smoke detector can help you survive a fire. There are two smoke alarms available, photoelectric and ionisation. The fire authorities, however, recommend the photoelectric ones in all homes due to their benefits.

Types of Smoke alarms

Before getting to the benefits, you must know the differences between the two smoke detectors.

A photoelectric smoke alarm aims at a focused source of light towards a sensor chamber, whereby when smoke enters it, it reflects lights triggering the alarm. The gadget is best at detecting smoke particles that are present in a smouldering fire. An example of a photoelectric smoke alarm is the Clipsal 755PSMA4. 

On the other hand, the ionisation smoke alarm has a radioactive material situated between two plates having electrical charges. The charge then ionises the air causing a current to move between the plates. If smoke is detected, ion flow is disrupted, sounding the alarm. The gadget is well suited for detecting small smoke particles in fast flaming fire.

Benefits of the photoelectric smoke alarms

The benefits of the photoelectric over the ionisation smoke alarms include;

  • They are more accurate and quick in detecting smouldering fires. These are fires that produce the most smoke. It allows the house occupants time to escape from the premises.
  • They are reliable because they are not prone to false fire alarms, such as in the kitchen or steam in the bathroom.
  • They do not contain radioactive substances, unlike the ionization alarm. 

Determining the type of smoke alarm you have can be difficult; hence if you need advice on the model you own, consult ElectricalXpress for a guide and any replacement for the best photoelectric alarm, Clipsal 755PSMA4. The installation of the smoke alarm must be done in the bedroom or outside the sleeping spaces, also near stairways and living room areas.

Clipsal 755PSMA4 is the most sought-after photoelectric smoke detector and is available in ElectricalXpress, the number one electrical online shop in Australia. The gadget is designed to use photoelectric technology in detecting smouldering fires, which are very common in homes.

It is designed to be mounted on the ceiling and can be used as a battery-backed alarm or a single main powered to protect your entire home. Its other features include being certified by Australian standards, being easy to install and maintain, having a digital touch design, and having a wired interconnect attribute that is attuned with other 755 series smoke alarms.

Saving a single life is essential. With the recommendation given for using the photoelectric smoke alarm, it is therefore so that every household adheres to it ElectricalXpress offers this gadget at a friendly price, alongside the best customer service. They will also ensure that the gadget is functional in your home and answer any queries that may arise at any one time. It will help if you look no further when buying the photoelectric smoke alarm.

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