Hajj as the best way to transform a pilgrims life

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Publish Date : 2021-04-01 16:19:41
Hajj as the best way to transform a pilgrims life

Hajj is the worship that journey requires to the sacred places of Islam and is the fifth main pillar of Islam. It is the worship that changes lifestyle of Muslims. Muslims plan journey to the sacred sites with the help of Hajj packages or they can also have a visit of sacred sites with the help of cheap Umrah packages UK to perform mini pilgrimage. Rites of Hajj make a person humble and also strengthen his faith. 

Purpose of performing Hajj:

Muslims perform Hajj as it is the basic worship of Islam and is highly recommended in Quran and Hadith. Hajj is performed to achieve closeness and happiness of Allah. Hajj makes a person physically and spiritually strong and it also provides a chance to visit all the sacred sites of Islam. Hajj is also performed for getting rid of sins. It is Fardh act and also is highly recommended. A person who has the ability to perform Hajj and does not perform it, is at fault. 

Learning journey to the sacred sites:

Hajj is the learning journey to the sacred sites and a Muslim gets a useful experience by performing it. Before starting journey, Muslim needs to apologize all of his relatives for misdoings with them. He also meets his parents and takes their prayers. He starts his journey with the intention of becoming guest of Allah. Allah blesses all those who worship Him in the beloved sites. 

Wearing of Ihram and pure life in the sacred sites:

A Muslim is required to know all about the rites of Hajj before performing it. Ihram is the first rite of Hajj and is the name of two unstitched pieces of clothes. It symbolizes simplicity and also makes a person humble. A Muslim takes bath and removes extra hair from the body before wearing Ihram. A Muslim is forbidden from haram and unethical acts. Abusing, hunting and backbiting are strictly forbidden in the state of Ihram. 

Hajj unites all the Muslims:

Hajj unites all the Muslims as Muslims from all the corners of world, belonging to different casts, races and different places gather at the single place and perform same acts by wearing same dresses. They perform all the acts together and also remain simple throughout their journey. Rich and poor become equal and perform the worships together. 

Renew purpose of life:

A person leaves behind his wealth, kith and kins, and social status only to make Allah happy and it is the reality of this world. It memorizes us the scene of death and also the Day of Judgment. A Muslim becomes the guest of Allah and becomes able to know the real taste of life. He starts doing good deeds. His life totally changes by experiencing the journey of Hajj. A person spends the days of Hajj completely according to the teachings of Islam. 

Spending the days of Hajj according to the teachings of Islam makes a person pious and brings positive changes in his life and can live his life peacefully.

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