Major attractions to explore in Venice for an engrossing trip

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Publish Date : 2021-03-12 10:09:12
Major attractions to explore in Venice for an engrossing trip

Venice - the fascinating city that showcases heritage and history on the same canvas. The city looks like a picture postcard with art galleries, cathedrals, ancient museums, marvelous castles, and crisscrossing canals. It is one of the most frequent places visited by tourists and it casts a fervent charm on the visitors. With sizzling wine bars and shopping hubs on one side and antique palaces & buildings on the other, this gorgeous city offers a long list of magnificent attractions for every kind of visitor.


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Top attractions of the city are


  • Doge’s Palace

Situated on the bank of the Grand Canal, Doge’s Palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Venice. It is an immensely beautiful palace and people love to visit this. Earlier it was the Palace of Justice, Seat of Government, and the official residence of Doge. Make Delta Airlines Book a Flight and travel to Venice without running your pocket.


  • Grand Canal

Your trip to Venice can’t be completed without visiting the Grand Canal or canale Grande. It is lined with vibrant and stunning castles and palaces on both sides that is a true delight to tourists’ eyes. It spreads through the city in a zigzag way with some breathtaking bridges that are built over it. Don’t forget to explore this place to witness the sparkling water of the canal and enjoy the astonishing sunset that will make your jaw drop in awe. If you are on your honeymoon, take a romantic and thrilling Gandola ride for a mesmerizing experience. Opt for Delta Airlines Reservations and fly affordably.


  • Teatro La Fenice

It is an opera house of Venice and one of the popular attractions of the city. Many well-known Italian theatres have been showcased here. The architectural charm of Teatro La Fenice attracts vacationers from every nook of the world. Many famous operatic performances and premiers of renowned composers are hosted here such as Verdi, Donizetti, Bellini, and Rossini. This place had been destructed thrice by fire incidents but it was always refurbished and rebuild to its original glory. Make United Airlines Book a Flight and have flawless experience in this heaven.


  • Piazza San Marco

Settled in front of Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica, Piazza San Marco is one of the happening places and the most crowded public square in Venice. Rio Batario, a small inland waterway separates the square from the palace. All the government buildings and offices are situated here. Go on a city tour and covers all the top attractions of Venice without any hassle like The Bell Tower, St. Mark’s Basilica, National Library of St. Mark’s, the Correr Museum, the Museum of Archaeology, and Doge’s Palace. 


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