Mistakes to avoid while making web design to reduce bounce rates

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Publish Date : 2021-04-13 07:01:05
Mistakes to avoid while making web design to reduce bounce rates

For a user that visits your site for the first time, it would take only 5 seconds for them to form an opinion about your website and decide whether to stay or leave. This clearly indicates that your web design is more important than you think. A website is subject to instant judgement and sees an influencer's responses in just a snap. It is thus obvious that no user will recommend trusting a business that has a poorly designed website. In marketing terms, the number or rate of people leaving the website is called the 'bounce rate'. Thus, bounce rates is one issue that many marketers face, which is why web design Wellington experts believe in avoiding a few common mistakes. 

Web design mistakes 

The web design mistakes that most marketers make unconsciously include: 

Content overload 

Content shock, information overload and attention crash are jargons that mean content overload. The reality about content is that there is too much content over the web that people are tired of reading it. The readers now prefer skimmable content rather than long and complex paragraphs. Some of the ways to take care of this is by: 

  • Writing in self-explanatory language.
  • Making it personalized like a message.
  • Creating skimmable sentences.
  • Maintaining text-to-image ratio.
  • Missing content 

Thin content or missing content refers to the content that carries no or very less value. Thus, it is important that you produce relevant volumes of content to enter into the good books of Google. Some are yet not aware of this excellent web design faux. The only remedy to this is adding high-quality and value-enhanced content. However, the text should be 'necessary' to explain your business offers. 

Misusing whitespace

Whitespace is the empty space that you see between the web design components. On a general note, you see whitespace between the two paragraphs, lines, images and captions. Another place to spot the space is around two design elements. The solution to avoid this is to create a more professional and cleaner interface that pleases the visitors' eyes. 

Misplaced and misused CTAs 

Misplaced and misused CTAs are one of the common mistakes in every web design. Landing pages are the most affected by this, leading to a loss in sales. Easy spotting is the basic idea behind placing a CTA on the website so that the users can take quick actions. You can do it correctly by:  

  • Making the CTA clearly visible. 
  • Highlighting the button. 
  • Keeping contrast backgrounds. 
  • Appealing user's emotions. 

Using bad images 

Using bad images is an absolute repo crusher. The images and illustrations that you use in designing must be beautiful and appealing to the visuals. As a web designer, you should follow these key rules to discard bounce-worthy content.

  • Use high-resolution images.
  • Add clear thumbnail images.
  • Include alt-text and metadata.
  • Take care of proper image-scales

The bonus tips to avoid heavy faux includes avoiding ads that cover your content, using proper navigation bars and menus. For further insights on how to plan and design websites, reach out to Web Design Wellington experts. Ambitious Digital Marketing Agency is one of the listed web design Wellington, offering better, smarter and faster marketing solutions even in times of pandemic. 

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