Steam vacuum cleaner: 5 mistakes to avoid during cleaning

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Publish Date : 2021-04-26 08:46:34
Steam vacuum cleaner: 5 mistakes to avoid during cleaning

A steam vacuum cleaner is an important help in cleaning the house: with a single appliance, you can remove dust and dirt, washing the surfaces with the hygienic power of steam.

However, during the cleaning phases, significant errors are often made, which risk undermining all efforts or, even worse, causing damage to the house.

If this is true even for traditional cleaning methods, when cleaning with steam, you need more tricks that will allow you to achieve optimal results without too much effort.

If you are lucky enough to have a steam vacuum, pay attention to these five mistakes that you should never make.

1. Remove dust and dirt before washing

In domestic cleaning, it is a good rule to always start from the top down. Among the most common mistakes during cleaning is definitely starting from the floors. Before washing the floors, the best advice is to remove dirt and dust, starting with the furniture, ornaments, and vertical surfaces, then continuing with the floors.

When using a steam cleaner, it is necessary to vacuum the surfaces first to remove dirt and then continue with the steam and vacuum function activation for washing and drying the surfaces. This way, you will get better results in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

2. Steam jet setting

One of the advantages of using a steam vacuum cleaner to clean the house is the ability to clean and disinfect all types of surfaces and almost all types of floors.

Before using the steam, do not forget to adjust the intensity of the jet according to the type of surface to be cleaned in order to respect even the most delicate materials. Avoid directing the steam jet directly on delicate objects or on too cold surfaces without adjusting the intensity, as they can be damaged due to the change in temperature.

3. Frequent cleaning of filters

Not cleaning the steam cleaner filter is definitely one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Cleaning the filter is essential not only for the correct operation of the vacuum cleaner but also for obtaining optimal results in terms of hygiene and cleanliness of the house.

Cleaning the filters is not so complicated: in most cases, it is enough to pass them under the tap water and let them dry. This operation must be performed regularly in order to maintain the performance of the steam vacuum cleaner for as long as possible.

4. Use of demineralized water

Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer's instructions, the use of tap water is recommended. One of the most common mistakes when using a steam vacuum is the use of demineralized water. For some models of vacuum cleaners, it is NOT recommended as it may damage some metal components of the boiler.

5. Use the right accessories

Each model of steam vacuum is always equipped with a series of very useful accessories, specially designed to make it easier and more efficient to clean certain surfaces. One of the mistakes that you must avoid when using vacuum steam is not using the right accessories such as brush floors, delicate brushes for carpets and stairs goats tert -financed or nozzle suction, very useful for dust extraction and of other debris on the most difficult surfaces.

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