Study MBBS in Georgia - An Amazing Option for Indian Students

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Publish Date : 2021-05-28 08:23:19
Study MBBS in Georgia - An Amazing Option for Indian Students

Georgia was an east Soviet republic and is home to the out roads of Europe and Asia and its black beaches and Caucasus hill villages. English is the most spoken language Vardzia is famous here as a huge cave monastery of the 12th century. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, known for its old city's diverse architecture and mazelike, cobbled streets.

Why Study MBBS in Georgia

MBBS study in Georgia is an amazing option for International students, especially for Indians, who are looking forward to medical study MBBS in abroad.

  1. In Georgia, there are over 15 leading MBBS universities available for the students of India.
  2. It is truly noteworthy is that over 5000 Indians are studying MBBS in Georgia.
  3. Several medical Colleges in Georgia have 1 teacher in the ratio of 20 students.
  4. The MBBS course in Georgia is more economical than in India and major European medical sites.
  5. Georgia has a lot of options for a happy and relaxed life within the budget.
  6. Safe hostel facilities are provided by the universities for the students.
  7. Universities are providing a lot of employment opportunities for students.

The cost of American life is 2.5 times cheaper than America and much cheaper than about 3 times Britain, so this country is suitable for international students to study MBBS in Georgia medical colleges.

  • MBBS Course in Georgia

In Georgia the MBBS course is six years; it is divided into five years for academic study and is in a hospital affiliated to one-year Internship University. Most of the Georgia medical universities have been recognized by the Indian medical council (MCI) and the world health organization (WHO), which are considered as the medium of teaching English for foreign students so that they understand their views and make effective communication with professors.

  • The Climate of Georgia

The Georgia season is influenced by the effects of subtropical effects from the west and the continental ones from the east. The predominant sub-tropical climate features of Georgia have high humidity and high rainfall with over 1,000 to 2,000 m per year. m In Georgia the average summer temperature is 20°c to 24°c or 68 °c to 75.2 °c and cold temperatures of 2 °c to 4°c or 35.6 degrees Celsius to 39.2 degrees Celsius. The spring of Georgia is from March to May, the summer season from June to August, it is from September to November, and from December to February it is cold.

  • Food and Culture of Georgia

For centuries the food culture of Georgia develops well, Georgia foods contain a variety of foods; most of the country gets seafood, maize, and chicken, dumpling in Brunswick stew, fried chicken, and cornbread. Various influences in food culture have been unidentified from time to time and through the ages. Many universities have prepared their diets for cafeterias and messes, which provide different foods from different countries for foreign students. The universities of Georgia are ensembles for Indian students and thus Indian cuisine is available.

  • Cost of Living

The expense of living in Georgia is 23.68% high in India. Market prices of essential commodities are still above the Indian value. The tourist will have to spend some extra for his needs, but that is not a big issue for students.

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