The Differences between Normal and Insulated Roof Sheeting for Patio Roofs

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Publish Date : 2021-09-26 16:35:18
The Differences between Normal and Insulated Roof Sheeting for Patio Roofs

A patio roof is a design that reduces the space between the ground and the rooftop. The purpose of this design is to provide an outdoor space (a patio) that has its own roof. This allows for more livable space in smaller living spaces without taking up too much of it. One of the most important factors in designing a patio roof is insulation. Insulated roofing will help reduce heat loss and save money on your energy bill. Here, are some differences between normal and insulated roofing for patio roofs and how they might affect you:

Insulated Roofing

A patio roof should always be insulated. This will help to keep the temperatures as low as possible. Because insulation is such a large component in this type of roofing, there are many different types you can consider. There are special construction requirements for what materials need to be used for this type of insulated roofing panels in Melbourne. Many manufacturers will provide their own standard of insulation that will meet the building codes of the area where this roof is placed. Insulation can be broken down into three main types of materials: Layers of foam, Fiberglass, and Straw. In addition, some roofing companies will cover their insulation with a thin layer of zinc.

Normal Roofing

The normal roof sheeting on most homes is covered with 100 percent fiber cement board or plywood. Although fiber cement boards are cheaper than solid wood, they have many limitations. They are not water-resistant. They are not insulated. They do not have any structural integrity. They do not seal very well and may leak, especially in high winds or when freezing. These disadvantages can lead to major problems in the event of severe weather. Although fiber cement board or plywood offers less insulation than wood, it offers much more structural integrity and seals better. It can also be painted, sealed with vinyl or weather-resistant coatings. The only way to completely make these roofs waterproof is to cover them with metal roofing.

Why Insulated Roofing Panels Is Better In Melbourne

  • Maximum Heat Loss.

Insulated roofing will do much better at preventing heat loss. Insulation materials will be placed under the downspout or a radiant barrier layer over the flashing to help prevent heat loss from rainwater that comes off the roof.

  • Improved Moisture Control.

Insulated roofing may need to be replaced every 5 years or so to be sure that the construction materials are not failing. These materials must be more durable than normal roofing, to prevent a leak from occurring.

  • Additional Insulation.

For a decorative effect, an insulation package will be applied to the top of the patio roof so that it remains cooler than the rest of the home.

  • Colour Matching.

You can customise an insulated roof for your patio to make it look like a part of your home. You can choose the paint colours and also decorate with lights to make your patio glow during the dark.


There are numerous benefits to using a patio roof. However, there can be a few drawbacks to using one when not installed correctly. This is why having a professional designer help you plan and design a patio roof to suit your needs is highly recommended. Before you begin designing your patio roof, it is important that you have your local building inspector come over and inspect the roof’s structure. Your building inspector can also help you determine if the roof is in good shape, if the building code needs to be modified to accommodate patio roofs, or if you might need to install a shingled roof or other materials. Once you have an inspection report from the building inspector, a professional contractor can then help you determine the roof’s dimensions, the materials you’ll need, and even the best price for the roof.

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