University of Phoenixs Donna Lange Interpersonal Recipe for Academic Success

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University of Phoenixs Donna Lange Interpersonal Recipe for Academic Success

The well-known mantra “it is not about what you know, it is about who you know” is popular because of its authenticity. For Donna Lange’s students at University of Phoenix, getting to know the right instructor makes all the difference. Lange teaches two virtual master-level courses through the University’s College of Education: Critical Thinking and Innovative Skills and Elements of Literacy Content & Curricular Knowledge. She goes above and beyond to keep her students engaged, and as a result, the miles of distance between Lange and her students exists as nothing more than a number.


About Donna Lange

Donna Lange first began to teach at University of Phoenix in 2005. This experienced educator adds over three decades of teaching experience with K-12 students to her 16 years with the University. Of course, instructing adult learners at the University of Phoenix College of Education required a change in teaching method. But because Lange is so sincerely dedicated to her profession, the transition was not an issue.


Since Lange teaches master-level coursework, her students typically are already educators with professional experience. For this reason, her instruction places a focus on the real-world experiences of teachers. She celebrates the opportunity to have “dynamic discussions” on her student’s accounts from the classroom. The culmination of diverse career paths in the virtual classroom setting allows students to learn not only from Lange’s expertise but also from each other.


How Lange Fosters an Inclusive Atmosphere in the Virtual Classroom

Lange’s peers celebrate her for how she establishes a one-on-one connection with each of her students. She reaches out to every student as soon as the semester begins to let them know that they can come to her with any questions, comments or concerns about the curriculum. Lange even gives her students her personal cellphone number so that they can reach her after hours. She makes sure to let her students know that she is eager to serve as a mentor to them in their careers and livelihood should they need anything outside of their classroom responsibilities.


When assigning complex assignments, Lange typically provides her students examples of completing the task. If she notices a student is not performing well or is not participating in classroom conversation, she will take the initiative to call that student directly to brainstorm strategies for success. Jonathan Lewis, assistant dean of operations and faculty engagement for the University of Phoenix College of Education, points out that Lange “leaves nothing to chance or misinterpretation.” Her instructions are concise by design and are even more achievable to understand thanks to her commitment to interpersonal communication.


Staying clear and on message goes to show Lange’s values, too. She celebrates that University of Phoenix offers her space to focus on her field’s substance instead of guidelines that inhibit student success. Her focus on sincere interpersonal communication does not go unnoticed, especially by her colleagues. Lewis noted, “Donna was the first faculty member whom I have encountered to earn a perfect score on this year’s Classroom Performance Review.” To make her perfect score all the more impressive, Lewis confirmed that he had never seen a perfect instructor review before reviewing Lange’s score.


The effort Lange puts into getting to know her students is consistently appreciated both inside and outside the classroom, impacting how alumni define an outstanding teacher. Lewis observes that Lange spoils her students “with so much personal and detailed support that they say they understand what a great teacher does! Donna models what she wants new teachers to do.” Knowing that their teacher is in their corner empowers students to perform to the best of their abilities and stay engaged in their coursework despite academic challenges. Establishing herself as a mentor by keeping the lines of communication open demonstrates Lange’s understanding of University of Phoenix’s commitment to adult learners at any stage of life.


About University of Phoenix

In 1976, Dr. John Sperling started University of Phoenix to provide adults with more options to achieve higher learning. Forty-five years later, the University is proud to offer associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs and courses that prepare students for over 300 professional occupations. University of Phoenix is committed to making higher education accessible to any student eager to learn by offering flexible scheduling and online learning. Prospective students can begin their education as soon as they decide they are ready without providing standardized exam scores, submitting extensive essay submissions or adhering to a rigid semester or quarterly schedule.


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