What are the key points you should know about the arm lift procedure in Punjab?

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What are the key points you should know about the arm lift procedure in Punjab?

What are the key points you should know about the arm lift procedure in Punjab?


Flabby or saggy arms can occur due to several reasons such as age, weight loss, or genetic issues. Even if we follow a diet strictly or intensely, it takes effort to get rid of the skin. Through the arm lift surgery in Ludhiana, you can see the desired results. With the Brachioplasty, the patient can get rid of the excess fat from the arm. Consulting the best surgeon will help you get the best possible results you have wished for.


What is the procedure of arm lift?

Well! There are 2 main procedures of arm lift treatment.

  • In one of the procedure, the incision is made along the inner side of the arm
  • In another procedure, the incision is made in the horizontal armpit.

The incision made on the inner side of the arm is effective but it leaves a scar on the arm. On the other hand, the armpit incision is not easily visible as it gets hidden with the armpit fold. If the liposuction is done before the arm lift then it is performed before.


What happens after the surgery?

Like any other procedure, you need to go for a follow-up check-up same goes with this procedure. In the initial weeks, the swelling, bruising will go away. It is possible that you feel slight pain and for that, the doctor will suggest some medications. Make sure that you avoid the stretching motions as they will enlarge the scar. For better results, you should wear a compression garment.

Depending on your condition, you will be told when you can get back to the work regime. If you want to exercise then you should wait for a couple of months. If you have any questions then feel free to ask about the same during the appointment.


The correct type of garment

No one wants to see disappointing results after spending money and time on the treatment. To get rid of the edema, you should wear compression sleeves as they apply the optimal pressure. Besides, they also help the tissues to be in the right place. Following the arm lift, sleeves will reduce the issue of loose skin or waves which helps in giving the right contour.

Your doctor will be able to tell you better which type of compression garment you need to wear. The medical expert will suggest to you the quality fabric which will be right to give suitable results.


Talk to the best doctor

For the best possible results, doctor skills and understanding of the procedure plays paramount importance. If you think this treatment is best for you then talk to the top-rated health expert and get the bespoke treatment plan. This also allows you to discuss your concerns or any doubt which comes to your mind. Feel free to share your thoughts and let us know in the comment section if we want to know about any other information.

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