Whats the difference between a drink and a drinks?

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Whats the difference between a drink and a drinks?

1, drink refers to water as the basic raw materials, by different formulations and manufacturing processes produced for people to drink directly liquid food.


2,GB/T 10789-2015 defines a beverage as a beverage, a liquid for human or livestock consumption, which is quantitatively packaged.

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Processed and manufactured liquids for drinking, such as sodas, fruit dew, tea, etc. Xu Wei, "Clear-class money, diet, beverage food": "tea, soup, soup (the soup of the same taste and mixed with vegetable and vegetable meats, soup), pulp, cheese, all drinks also."


Carbonated beverages: Bubble drinks that mix carbon dioxide gases with a variety of spices, moisture, syrups, colors, etc. Like Cola, soda, etc. The main ingredients include: carbonated water, citric acid, sugar, spices, some contain caffeine.

Fruit and vegetable juice drinks: a variety of fruit juice, fresh juice, vegetable juice, fruit and vegetable juice, etc.

Functional beverages: drinks with various nutritional elements to meet the special needs of the human body.


Tea drinks: a variety of green tea, black tea, flower tea, oolong tea, wheat tea, herbal tea and iced tea and other drinks. Some contain lemon ingredients.

Milk drinks: Milk, yogurt, milk tea and other fresh milk or dairy products as raw materials.

Coffee Drinks: Drinks with coffee ingredients.

Fruit juice, in particular, replaces water, because it is often considered nutritious. In fact, there are not many real natural juices, and in the process of processing the fruit vitamins are often destroyed, commercially available beverages containing pigments, flavors, saccharin and preservatives, will increase the child's liver negative.


Children with normal appetite will lose their appetite by drinking a large amount of drinks before meals to dilute their stomach fluids; Too much sugar in drinks can also affect the amount of food you eat, and drinks do not replace a well-no-fritist normal meal. Obese children with high appetites are more obese because of their heavy consumption of sugary drinks.

Some beverages due to the production process is not strict requirements, storage beyond the shelf life, or open the packaging after not timely drink, resulting in the drink bacteria content exceeded or deformed, after drinking will cause gastrointestinal discomfort in children, and even diarrhea.

Some drinks contain substances harmful to human body, long-term drinking will be harmful to the body.

Summer children drink cold drinks, can make young stomach wall blood vessels cold contraction, affecting the normal function of the stomach, and cause indigestion, and even lead to ulcer disease.

Sports drinks are developed on a scientific basis for energy consumption during exercise, changes in the body's environment, and reduced cellular function Health drinks that quickly replenish moisture, electrolytes and calories before, during, and after exercise to maintain and promote fluid balance and quickly relieve fatigue. The application of sports drinks can improve the metabolic process and temperature regulation in the body, and is a positive means of promoting exercise training, competition and fitness.

Sports drinks and general drinks are:

A. Sports drink is a low-permeability beverage. If the concentration of electrolytes and sugar in the beverage is too large, the permeable pressure also increases accordingly, so that the drink in the gastrointestinal drain speed slows down, easy to produce a feeling of bloating, and ultimately affects the ability to exercise and athletic performance. Sports drinks must therefore be lowly permeable.

B. Sugar content. The sugar content in sports drinks is generally between 4% and 8%, for better sports drinks, the type of sugar is also strict requirements, generally more polysaccharine, which can not only reduce sweetness, but also can not affect absorption to provide more sugar supply, quickly replenish the body's energy, relieve fatigue.

C. The content of the electrolyte. Sports drinks are rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other mineral elements, the concentration of electrolytes in the body is comparable, can quickly supplement the body sweating and loss of mineral content.


Finally, sports drinks are different from alcoholic beverages such as carbonated drinks, coffee, fruit juices and beer, which are popular on the market, and are healthy drinks that are suitable for pre- and post-exercise rehydration. However, fruit juice, carbonated beverages should not be drunk too much before exercise, easy to cause gas, stomach pain, stomach acid and other discomfort symptoms.

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