Which are the essential tips to make a perfectly cooked fried chicken?

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Which are the essential tips to make a perfectly cooked fried chicken?

Which are the essential tips to make a perfectly cooked fried chicken?


When it is about cooking chicken, do not consider it as rocket science for which you have worked extensively hard to become a pro. With the right ingredients and techniques, you could be a brilliant cook. Who Isn't favourite is the yummy fried chicken and cajun chicken? We know how much it catches the eye of the foodie because none but fried chicken can satisfy the taste buds.


Before cooking the fried chicken you need to take care of the following aspects because without the knowledge of these fundamental facets you would not be able to successfully put the flavours.


  • Safety

You need to take care of your safety. Because while cooking the fried chicken, you need to deal not only with the extensively heated oil but the splashes which are experienced as soon as you put the piece of fried chicken in the oil. So you should be careful about your life because any mishappening encountered could leave you with scars and injuries which would not go & fade away the whole of the life.


  • Cast iron

Cast iron is always suggested to make use of the cast iron as far as the frying is concerned. Besides, this material is always praised for sustenance heat in a good manner and helps the oil to reach the temperature which is quintessentially required to make the chicken thoroughly cooked after frying.


  • Resealable bag

As we have to marinate the chicken before frying, for retaining the flavours at the best, it is always suggested to make use of the resealable bag. This bag is not customarily required to make the marinated chicken atomized and flavourful, rather it is also essential to sustenance the freshness of the meat for long.


  • The practice is what counts

So if you are a beginner in cooking and s cooking the fried chicken for the first time, you need not get disheartened if one or two pieces of chicken go burnt. It is even suggested not to quit cooking if your whole 1st attempt has gone in vain. Try for the 2nd time. After all, it takes effort to become a pro.


How to cook utmostly delicious and savoury fried chicken?

First of all, it is devised to be very precise with the proportions. So let's move ahead with the basic steps of the recipe.


  • Dip in Buttermilk

In the initial step, you are advised to soak the milk for an absolute 2 to 3 hours in the buttermilk. It would help the meat retain the best flavour and essential acidic properties. But at the same time, it is quintessential to mention here that do not let the meat dipped in the buttermilk for so long because it would make your meat mushy that will not at all taste good.


  • Marination & frying

After the chicken is soaked in the buttermilk, take it out from the fridge. It is suggested to fill the sealing bags with lots of seasonings and marinating material whose flavour you like the most and want to experience in the chicken. After the chicken is thoroughly covered with the coating, take it out from the bag and fry them.


Final Thoughts

It is suitable to mention here that whenever the chicken is coated with the material then after taking them out from the and let them rest for 10 to 15 minutes.

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