How Do I Track a Freight Shipment?

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Publish Date : 2022-07-04 19:07:26
How Do I Track a Freight Shipment?

When it comes to e-commerce stores, most vendors have never seen the shipping container that takes their products to the clients. Since online store owners rarely manage the shipment of their wares, it is only wise to keep track of the goods until they are delivered to the customers' doorsteps. While the clients have the Last Mile Tracking system, what freight tracking software options do vendors need?

Shipping Software Your Business Needs:

Shipping Label Software

Before sending off your packages to be shipped, you need proper shipping labels for your goods. While there are endless templates and software for designing and printing shipping labels, vendors must know that a shipping label must meet specific requirements to be considered valid.

The label must meet shipping regulations and ensure proper handling. The receivers should be able to identify the shipment through the label. The label should not reveal the contents of the package. You are good to go when you have labels that meet environmental and safety standards.

E-commerce Shipping Software

E-commerce shipping software is what an online store owner needs to streamline their shipping concerns. With the software, your company can organise everything store-related online. From integrating cloud systems to tracking buyer decisions, e-commerce shipping software helps vendors bring down the overhead costs and improve the store's efficiency.

This software also has various import and export options that work out for online store owners. With options to source materials and send out products, businesses find that numerous supply chain management issues are quickly resolved.

Shipment Tracking Software

Shipment tracking software indicates where the shipment is at any point during shipping to both parties, meeting both the business owners and the clients halfway. Depending on the mode of shipment, there is suitable tracking software that the company can utilise. Be it via air, sea, land, or a combination of these, shipment tracking software can tell you where and how well your precious cargo is doing.

How to Choose Shipment Software?

It may seem like shipment services are different, but their purpose is the same. Based on the nature of your business, there is different shipment and freight tracking software to suit your needs. Here are some key factors to keep in mind.

Ease of Use

The shipping software you choose should undoubtedly be easy to get the hang of. Especially if you have a team with varying levels of technical skills, a user-friendly interface can be helpful. In addition, if the software has tools to integrate functions with other software your business uses, it can boost your team's productivity.

Shipping Volume

How many orders do you send in one go? Depending on your answer, if the cost of the shipment tracking per unit is feasible, you have a deal. If not, consider options that give you the optimum service at an affordable rate.


There is no point in using shipment software if its services include only a collection of locations. If you have customers scattered across the world, you need a service that operates everywhere. However, if your services are restricted within domestic lines, choose one that offers the best service in the country.

Final Thoughts

Managing shipment for an e-commerce store is a tricky business. Since customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal, choose affordable and practical software for your business.

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