Troubleshoot the installation error of software application

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Troubleshoot the installation error of software application

Norton Antivirus is Very good at protecting against malware and a few versions include life-blocking ID protection. Online storage and backup applications, virtual private network, and password manager. This antivirus is dispersed as a CD-ROM and features a 2-month guarantee.


There are some of These requirements necessary to conduct this anti-malware program:


The minimal Chip required if you want a Motorola 68040 or after and 8MB of RAM. You require 10MB of internal hard disk space to conduct this anti-malware. When you put in this anti-malware on your own system, this Norton could wreck, and you may typically obtain the error message Norton Error 8504 or Error 104.


If You're new to This sort of mistake, you'll have to contact Norton Technical Support to resolve this kind of mistake, but repair this kind of mistake as users might not connect because of community problems.


Listed below are a few Motives and incremental solutions for obtaining this mistake 8505 or mistake 104.


Understand Norton Error 8504,104


This Norton error 8504 104 mostly occurs Whenever there's something incorrect with the setup package. Thus, this error includes the setup package, so in the event that you talk about this mistake with somebody else, we advise that you uninstall Norton and download this Norton configuration again.


This method can work, but it might not work when you've corrupted files on your Norton setup folder and then reinstall a fresh copy. Those corrupted files will be deleted and substituted with fresh files. Thus, this uninstalls the program functions, but maybe not.


We're now Talking about some workarounds to solve this Norton mistake 8504, 104-


Before talking about Workarounds, let us first understand the usual mistakes Norton consumers create.


For Instance, If you Install the incorrect version of Norton Antivirus, you purchase Norton Antivirus, and you inadvertently attempt to download and then install Norton 360 Premier.


Norton Subscription Problems:


If you've Multiple apparatus subscriptions, in this circumstance, you want to use your own Norton accounts to get Norton Antivirus to your device. To do it, you need to first, eliminate the other pc from the Norton accounts on a single computer. Doing this will open slots for different devices which you install set of their new apparatus.


Here's a step-by-step manual to mend Norton mistakes 8504, 104


You Want to Utilize Norton Removal Tool to uninstall your older Norton Antivirus from the PC. Norton Removal Tool helps to reinstall and uninstall Norton out of Microsoft Windows operating system. Running this removal tool uninstalls Norton, which is now installed on your machine, and reboots your computer. Then download the most recent edition of Norton and install it on your machine.


  1. Eliminate your present goods and reinstall the newest version of Norton.
  2. Permanently eliminate Norton.
  3. After eliminating your Norton product, restart your PC. Next, you have to look at your anti-virus variant and reconfigure Norton Antivirus.

Configure Norton Antivirus Protection.


If You've Got an Item key, assume you can use it to set up Norton Antivirus in a really simple way.


You can log into Your own Norton accounts to download the newest version of your Norton Antivirus program.


Then you Want to Follow the on-screen instructions to configure Norton Antivirus on your own PC.


  1. Norton provides support posts linked to Norton installation.
  2. The procedure for conducting the Norton Removal and Reinstall instrument to Eliminate mistakes:
  3. Download Norton removal and then re-install this tool.
  4. Press Ctrl + J to open the download window on your browser.
  5. Subsequently, it'd be best for those who double-clicked on the NRnR icon.
  6. You must read and accept the license agreement.
  7. Subsequently, Click Advanced Options.
  8. Click on the Just button.
  9. Click Publish.
  10. Click on the Restart Now choice to restart your PC.


The Practice of Running the Norton Removal and Reinstall tool to eliminate mistakes:


  1. Download Norton removal and reinstall this tool.
  2. Press Ctrl + J to open the download window on your browser.
  3. Subsequently, you Want to double-click the NRnR icon.
  4. You must read and accept the license agreement.
  5. Subsequently, Click Advanced Options.
  6. Click on the button to delete just one.
  7. Click Publish.
  8. Click on the Restart Now choice to restart your computer.

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