5 Things You Absolutely Need To Remember When Shipping Vehicles

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Publish Date : 2021-03-24 00:23:18
5 Things You Absolutely Need To Remember When Shipping Vehicles

Whenever you need to ship vehicles overseas, you have to deal with countless things that few people actually know. Besides tracking the vehicle, you need to pay for various excise duties, deal with very lengthy paperwork, and even communicate with various parties that are involved in the process.

Just those vehicle shipping companies that have a lot of expertise should be considered for the job. If the company is not experienced, it is a certainty that huge problems will appear during the shipping process. Deliberate absolutely all choices and then revisit action courses in order to be successful.

The best things to remember whenever you want to ship vehicles are presented below.

Official Registration

The transporter that is responsible for vehicle shipping needs to be registered. This is true for the local market and for overseas transportation. Always talk to the shipping company and ask for the official registration number. With interstate transportation, motor carrier numbers are needed. After a number is offered, you need to check it with the authorities.

Get The Car Ready For Transport

Remember that most of the auto transport firms will not cover the interior of the vehicle when it is damaged. That is exactly why you should always remove absolutely all hanging and loose items. Examples can be extra changes, CDs, and even removable electronics. Also, the vehicle should be washed thoroughly. Take pictures in order to document all the existing damages. Make sure that the gas tank is emptied and that you have an extra set of keys available, just in case.

Being Careful With Shipping Overseas

Shipping the vehicle locally is not as difficult as when dealing with overseas shipping, which is so much more complicated. This is why whenever you ship the vehicle to international destinations, you need to check with the appropriate authorities. The shipping firm needs to be registered as a freight forwarder or even as a non-vessel common carrier, if the appropriate extra documentation is present. Also, you need to make sure that your car has a shipping and bond license.

Always Get Details Written In A Contract

When a service provider tells you something, do not blindly trust the information provided. Face value should not be seen as 100% accurate. In order to avoid losses and confusions, you should get written car shipping quotes. Then, double check them to be sure there are no charges that are hidden.

Your quote should include absolutely all the important data, like destination, origin, insurance details, and even services rendered, like loading, fumigation, custom clearance, and crating. When you make your choice of a provider, get the contract drafted first before you agree to anything. Then, assume the contract void if it is not signed by both parties.

Get The Bill Of Lading

This is a very important condition report that is issued by your transporter. It acts as acknowledgement receipt from the provider, showing that the shipment was received. Such a document needs to include the signature and name of the carrier, the contract’s terms and conditions, the name of the consignee, special instructions, goods descriptions, and anything else of high importance. The bill of lading is a fully legally binding document. It is needed whenever claiming damages if they appear.

Final Thoughts

Whenever shipping a vehicle, all the tips mentioned above need to be remembered. Discuss things with the auto insurer, discuss if the vehicle is officially covered when transit happens, and whenever necessary, you need to go for extra marine insurance.

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