5 Affordable Cakes To Choose When You Are On A Tight Budget

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Publish Date : 2021-04-30 14:02:56
5 Affordable Cakes To Choose When You Are On A Tight Budget

A cake is one of the important things that is popular worldwide to spread a smile on anyone’s face easily with its tempting taste. The cake tastes fabulous and makes every occasion memorable and pleasant. You don’t have to wait for special events. You can also have them on any regular day. There are numerous flavors for cakes that are great to enjoy.  

Cake plays a major part in every human occasion. Birthday, anniversary, Valentine, there is a long list of occasions that require amazing cakes to greet your friends and guests. A cake is an item that brings a sense of completion to your occasion. But buying a cake can discourage you if you are on a tight budget. Therefore in this article, we have arranged some five inexpensive cake ideas that you can go with online cake delivery or order cake online in Gurgaon for any other part of the country.

So, let’s move ahead and read out these five cakes.

Vanilla Cake:

A vanilla cake weighing one kilo can feed about five to six people. And the cost of this cake is not too expensive. So you can order this cake for a birthday occasion, or you can send this cake to your beloved. The vanilla cake is an evergreen option that you can go to for almost every occasion. 


A cupcake is a small cake in a cup that is designed to serve one person. If you have any bigger celebrations, you can order a cupcake. If it is about a hundred people at your gathering, you will require up to nine dozen cupcakes, and that will not cost more than Rs.500. So this will be more cost-effective than any other cakes like chocolate cake or wedding cake. This small cup-sized cake also comes in various flavors and shapes. So, if you don’t want to waste your time and energy searching for your favorite cupcake, you can purchase it from any online store.

Homemade Pies:

Just like cupcakes, there are a variety of homemade pie flavors like cherry, apple, pumpkin, rhubarb, and many more. You can even save a bit more money by purchasing fruit pies that are in the market at the time of the wedding season. Pies also match on any occasion, celebration, or simple wedding theme. They not only serve sweetness but also good in nutrition, easy to store, and are popularly consumed worldwide. So, if you are searching for a way to save your money, you can bake pies at your home.

Apple Cake:

This cake is one of the delicacies that are simple but can elevate the occasion significantly. Apple cake is baked using an apple as its main ingredient. This cake is baked with the method of slicing an apple and mixing it with batter. This cake can be customized easily with various ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg, or spices. You can easily bake this cake at your home or can order cake online in Lucknow or anywhere else for any other location.

Butterscotch cake:

Butterscotch is the ideal cake to have on uncommon events, and it is a favorite of everyone. Butterscotch Cake has a delightful taste that makes it one of the best choices among other cakes. This cake is baked with brown sugar, butter, and maple syrup, which gives this cake a lovely sweet and elegant flavor. The butterscotch cake is an affordable option of cake to have on uncommon occasions. You can also send it to your dear ones so that they, too, can feel its deliciousness!

So, you can note down these five inexpensive cakes and can order them for your celebration. Now you have these different best choices for a cake that you can have at several events. So, what are you waiting for? Make your decision right now with any of these options.

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