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If you chose the Woodcore flooring, you made the right choice. Now we offer you some tips for caring for and cleaning it:

1. Vacuum the floors every week!  You're probably already doing this, but it's worth telling you again. The reason: under the feet, the dust acts as sandpaper and, slowly but surely, will affect the appearance of the parquet. Therefore, by vacuuming, protect the appearance of the floors. Attach a brush or felt device to the vacuum cleaner. Rotary devices can scratch the surface of the parquet! And if you don't feel like vacuuming, a mop or a microfiber broom will work just as well.

2. Pay attention to the hairspray or the furniture spray! Both can affect the parquet. Wipe them immediately with a damp cloth. For deeper cleaning, use solutions for windows, but be careful: only those that do not contain ammonia!

3. Keep rain and water in general away from parquet! It not only spoils the appearance of the parquet but can penetrate deep into the wood and stain it, while altering its properties. Close the windows if you expect it to rain. Place trays under the plant pots and, of course, immediately wipe off the water that accidentally gets on the floor.


4. Remove dirt and impurities with a wax-free floor solution! Keep this solution handy, so you can get to it quickly before the "little problems" get big. Immediately wipe off accidentally spilled liquids or dirt; then use the cleaning solution to remove the last traces. Dust and mud can damage the appearance of the parquet and can even remain in the wood. And liquids can damage finishes and stain floors.


5. Before using wax or solutions that "restore the shine of the parquet", learn the rules of use! You can rejuvenate the appearance of the parquet using water-based solutions. Never use wax on surfaces polished with shellac or polyurethane. Not only will it turn the parquet into an "ice rink", but it will also affect the initial appearance of the wood. If the protective substance contains polyurethane, use a solution for this type of flooring. If you have a parquet lacquered with other substances, use - to restore its shine - a general-purpose solution. Important: test the solution on a small, less visible area of ​​the floor before using it on larger areas.


6. When entering homes, use a wiper that is as large as possible on both sides of the door! Of course, it's a good idea to vacuum and wipe the floors, but it's just as important to keep dust and mud out of the house. Take a wiper longer than a meter and put it outside at the entrance. The longer it takes, the more guests will clean their shoes as they enter the house, even if they don't stop to wipe their slippers.


7. Protect heavily trafficked areas of the house with carpets! The parquet loses its beautiful appearance in the areas where you pass a few times every day. Decorative rugs are the handiest solution. But be careful not to have rubber or other synthetic materials on the bottom. They retain water, moisture and can damage the parquet over time.


8. Pay attention to the furniture! And it can scratch the floor. We advise you to use, on the legs of tables and chairs. Felt protections (avoid rubber ones, they do not protect as well and can leave marks on the parquet). You can find them in almost all furniture or DIY stores, even in some supermarkets, they cost little and thus avoid damaging the floor every time you sit down at the table.

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