Choosing a school with CBSE in Ahmedabad? Follow These Tips!

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Publish Date : 2021-02-23 10:07:05
Choosing a school with CBSE in Ahmedabad? Follow These Tips!

Providing your children with quality education is essential that helps prepare them for the future. The education will help children build their academic foundation while contributing to their physical, mental, and emotional growth. It gives them access to resources and teachers who help them be the best version of themselves. 

If you’re looking for the best school, here are some tips to help you. 

Class Size 

How many students are in a class? You want a school with a small to mid-sized classroom size since that means the teachers will have enough time to devote individual attention to each one. Independent schools often have class sizes that go from 10 to 15 students, depending on the grade. With a lower student to teacher ratio, the teachers can fully pay attention to each student. 

Parental Involvement 

When you choose a CBSE school, look for one that encourages parental involvement, where teachers work together with parents to provide the kids with everything they need. It’s been a challenging year for everyone. Many students find themselves having a hard time adapting to the changes brought on by distance learning. 

Teachers then are more alert to the signs. They want to encourage the kids to be open about what they feel and to make that happen, to make any lasting impact, they need to talk to the parents to make them understand the importance of talking to their kids about what’s going on. Also, some parents might notice changes in their children’s behaviour. Talking to the teacher might help shed light on those changes and can provide them with information on how they can provide support for their kids or proceed further. 

Learning System 

How do the teachers educate the students? Traditional learning styles often have the teacher doing everything. Montessori-style learning at schools in Ahmedabad will put students at the centre of the activities. Meaning, teachers are there to facilitate the discussion but not to take over the floor. That gives the students countless opportunities to lead the activities, to be a part of the discussion instead of simply being a passive listener. This increases the engagement levels for the students. 

Balanced Program

Do the STEM subjects dominate the curriculum? Or are there extracurriculars that balance that out? A good school provides all its students with an opportunity to shine. By offering extracurriculars that not only focus on STEM subjects but also on artistic and athletic pursuits, students who excel in these fields are given a chance to show their talents and skills. 

They are recognized for their contribution to the school’s reputation and for providing inspiration to their fellow students. You’ll also want to check those extracurriculars for any that your kids might like. Do they have particular interests? Do those interests happen to be part of the extracurriculars that the school offers? That’s a good reason to choose that school.  

Morals Development 

Grades aren’t everything, though. There’s more to life than scoring high points. While the best schools will ensure that your child has a solid academic training and foundation, it also goes to great lengths to raise students who are aware that academic excellence is as important as morals and values. Activities that help develop morals and kindness in students include volunteer service and work. When students become a part of these programs, they get a chance to see what compassion and kindness can do, how it opens doors to others, and how fulfilling the work is, too. 

Workshops and Seminars

Many students get a chance to join workshops where they are exposed to the best and brightest in the fields. They get to hear from real-world entrepreneurs and a select few even have the chance to pitch their ideas. They also have the opportunity to be a part of seminars that also broaden their minds and challenge them academically. 


Some of the best schools also offer scholarship programmes. These are ideal for providing students from economically weak backgrounds to get access to quality education. If your kids are interested in getting a scholarship and thrilled at the thought of the learning opportunities that it can bring, then you’ll want to consider the educational grants that the school offers before you enrol your children. 


This might not seem all that important, but a lot of parents prefer sending their kids to schools nearby. That’s understandable. It’s convenient and ensures that the kids don’t have to wake up super early just to get to their classes on time. They get to sleep longer in the mornings and can get home soon after class. However, this should not restrict your choice of a school. If the school is an hour away, but it offers your kids excellent learning opportunities, then it is worth the effort. 

Choose the right CBSE school for your kids with these useful tips that will help you navigate the selection process that can be difficult. 

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