Complete Guide for MBBS in Jilin Medical University

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Complete Guide for MBBS in Jilin Medical University

About Jilin Medical University

The most famous university in China, Jilin Medical University, is a university with a long history and a well-known university, founded in 1946. Jilin Medical University is one of the highest-ranked universities in China. Jilin Medical University offers a wide range of English and Chinese courses for undergraduates and graduate students. Some essential courses include MBBS (English and Chinese), Engineering Technology (English and Chinese) and International Trade and Business Administration (English), and so on.

Jilin Medical University MBBS Education

Compared with other medical schools, Jilin Medical University recommends unique MBBS courses to all countries or regions in the world. The MBBS of Jilin Medical University has a total of 6 years of course. Compared with theoretical education, practical education focuses more on practice education, and the internship period is one year.

Jilin Medical University Scholarships

Jilin Medical University also provides scholarships for students preparing to study medicine. To receive the scholarship, students must associate with the entrance examination of Jilin Medical University. The entrance examination rankings can obtain scholarship opportunities, provide many medical conveniences to the poor, and even coordinate medical exploration projects in biomedicine and health science analysis.

Jilin Medical University Recognition - NMC Approved or Not?

Jilin Medical University has been recognized and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), and WFME (Pakistan), and has been approved by the NMC(National Commission of India), which constitutes more than 35 medical departments from different countries the University.

Jilin Medical University MBBS Fee Structure

As mentioned above, the MBBS course of Jilin University is 5 years and a 1-year full-time course. During the internship, the focus of university students is more on practical education, not conceptual education. For these 6 years of education, the MBBS fee of Jilin Medical University ranges from US $ 30288 to the US $ 43269 (total 5 years).

How to Get MBBS Admission for Indian Students of Jilin Medical University

To be eligible for MBBS admission requirements in China one must meet the eligibility criteria. The benchmark is to take the NEET (National Qualification and Entrance Examination) medical exam. In addition, students must have at least 60% combined in biology, chemistry, and physics, and reach the minimum age of 17 by December 31 of the year.

Documents Required for Indian Students to Enter Jilin Medical University

  1. 10th and 12th Education Certificates.
  2. NEET Score Card.
  3. Birth Certificate.
  4. Front Main Page of Passport.
  5. Payment Receipt.

Any Unique Identification Authority of India i.e. Adhaar Card, Pan Card

It is not cumbersome for Jilin Medical University to apply for MBBS admission for Indian students. It is mandatory to apply online for MBBS admission to Jilin Medical University. Students must fill out their application form online and admission fees, which can be obtained on Jilin Medical University's official website before the deadline for admission form application.

Students can start this online admission process from April to May. After applying online, the university's department chair will also conduct an online test and interview via Skype in June. Students who clear the interview round will receive an email or phone call from the university department head regarding admission confirmation in July. In August or September, students in transit will be granted study visas. Indian students can also obtain permanent residency after completing the MBBS course at Jilin Medical University. After that, they can reconcile with a well-known hospital or clinic and plan to settle in China.

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