Five unsuspected benefits of travel

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Publish Date : 2021-07-19 12:33:50
Five unsuspected benefits of travel

To see with your own eyes, new places that you have only read about in books or seen on TV, to meet people with unique life stories, to get in touch with new cultures, with traditions and customs different from your style, these things, and many others can offer you a trip or a vacation, regardless of destination or distance from home.

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There is no journey that does not come accompanied by a unique experience, by events that will not remain in your memory. Beyond the special feeling of satisfaction you feel once you return and start unpacking your holiday luggage, the appreciation of returning to the dearest place you call home, there are a lot of benefits that traveling offers them that you may not even realize at the moment.

We tell you 5 of the unsuspected benefits of the holidays, and we are waiting for you to complete them with other things that make you always choose new places as a destination to visit:

1. Stress relief. We all experience anxiety in our daily lives. It is a realistic fact for most people. Travel is an extraordinary way to relax, in a good mood, away from the stress of work and daily duties. Research conducted for 20 years has shown that women (aged 25-65) who travel at least twice a year have a much lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Mentally, in addition to stress, travel is an excellent remedy for depression. Of course, they do not replace medication if we are talking about a form of severe depression, but a vacation helps you prevent it, especially if you are going through a stressful period of life.

2. Enriching general knowledge. It is a proven fact that any type of travel is an important stimulus for cognitive abilities. In a new country, in a new culture, the "wheels of the brain" are set in motion as an effect of the new challenges you are subjected to and the new things you have to face: understanding a map, finding the right clues, visiting objectives, tourist attractions of cultural interest, etc. Not to mention that by visiting new places in various parts of the world, you learn and take direct lessons in geography and history.

3. Exchange of cultural experience. Looking at people from other countries, from different cultures, how they live every day, you will understand completely differently the way other lives take place on this earth. If you just read or watch TV shows or movies, you can't understand 100% as if you lived there with them, and you will lose a lot of essential information about them. Unique perspectives will open up for you, and you will understand how big the world we live in is really. Any journey involves an exchange of cultural experience, a new perspective on the world, which usually comes with a "generalized trust" in people regardless of the country in which they live.

4. Adapting to the new. An essential skill that modern man must demonstrate today is an adaptation to the new. Whether you child or an adult, at school or at work, things are changing at a dizzying pace. Its true that many of us are worried about new situations, but we must give up from time to time the comfort offered by the routine of life, to broaden our horizons. The journey is one of the easiest and most enjoyable options at the same time to increase your ability to adapt to the new because it brings with it the joy of seeing special places and dream landscapes, to meet new things and people, to try special dishes and understand from a unique perspective the world we live in.


5. Stimulating creativity. Many studies showed how much the experiences outside the country contribute to the development of original thinking ( out of the box ). To maximize the positive effects on creativity, however, an authentic, deep experience in a foreign country is essential, where you can get in touch with the local environment.

History has proven that we are a migratory species, and modern society even forces us to take a break, relax and clear our minds somewhere away from our problems and lifestyle. We really think that there is no point in explaining why the trip is a joy, but we wanted to remind you that there are many unexpected benefits in addition to this. So, all you have to do is arrange your biggest travel trolley and set off. And don't forget, a journey of 1000 kilometers always starts with the first step. So on the road!


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