How to Hire the Perfect Virtual Marketing Assistant

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Publish Date : 2021-09-29 15:47:14
How to Hire the Perfect Virtual Marketing Assistant

A comprehensive marketing strategy is utilized by every business wanting to increase sales. So most companies invest in finding the right marketing staff for the task. Some consider having an in-house marketing team, while others explore the advantages of a virtual marketing assistant.

Why Hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

For starters, hiring a virtual marketing assistant means you get qualified personnel minus the associated costs. You provide your marketing team the workforce it needs while also saving money.

Most virtual marketing assistants have years of experience and handle different tasks, such as design, email campaigns, marketing promotions, and lead generation.

If you want to find the perfect virtual marketing assistant for your company, here are some tips to consider:

Evaluate Portfolios and Look for Reviews

Nothing beats skill assessment than testimonials and reviews. If you want to actually find an excellent virtual marketing assistant, skip freelance sites.

You want to ensure experience and reliable marketing support in this position, so your best bet is a company that specializes in providing remote virtual marketing assistants. Go for a company with a good reputation and reviews to guarantee you can get the support you need.

Require a Cover Letter Alongside the Resume

Candidates are prepared to give their resumes, but you should require a cover letter.

It is a medium where your applicant can talk about their skills and experience, and it’ll give you a hint at their ability to follow guidelines and give information. Moreover, if they don’t supply a cover letter, their application isn’t worth reviewing.

Prepare an Assessment Test

There’s a classic way of evaluating whether you’ve got a good candidate for a marketing assistant. It’s asking them to write a long-term plan on product promotion via online channels and KPI estimation. This task allows applicants to demonstrate how they work without being managed at all times.

Ask Candidates About Former Projects and Clients

You should ask your candidate briefs about their completed projects, KPIs, and recommendations in the past. If they’re professional virtual marketing assistants and excel at their job, they’ll be able to provide ample details and impress you with them.

Pay Attention to Candidates’ Questions About Your Business Needs

A suitable applicant knows to ask the right questions and will aim to understand your business inside and out. They’ll also be asking about your business goals, as well as what you require for the perfect candidate to take the job.

Understand Candidates’ Level of Self-Management

You are hiring a remote employee for the position, so it’s only essential that your perfect candidate can manage. Ensure that your candidate can commit to deadlines, has good time-management skills, and has a high sense of responsibility.

Ask Candidates About Their Source of Motivation

People will stay at a company if they love what they do. So it’s best to look for a candidate that is passionate about marketing and excited about what they can do for the company once they get the job. If they are interested in the project or your business, they’ll likely stay for the long term.


It only takes seven things to do before you can find the perfect virtual marketing assistant for your company. Once you find a candidate that ticks all the good boxes, then you might have found the right one for your business!

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