How to remove moss from the roof?

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How to remove moss from the roof?

Mosses, lichens, fungi, and other types of plants can grow on the roof of a building. The main cause is humidity. To get rid of this, a few tips and products are effective. However, vigilance is required when working at heights. This type of situation usually requires the services of a roofing contractor. However, anyone can remove moss from the roof.

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Remove moss from the roof in two steps

There are several ways to remove moss from a roof. Best known as brushing, using defoamer, using a high-pressure vacuum cleaner or water jet. Each of these tips has already been tested by construction experts. What should not be minimized in the cleaning process is that it should be done in two steps.

Step 1: Apply an antifoam product to the roof and wait a couple of days for the effect to appear. The roof needs to be cleaned except during the rainy season. There are also different types of antifoams on the market. The most important product selection is suitable for roof types: clay tile, concrete tile, comments such as slate tiles, PVC tiles looper useful anti-foaming agent selected.

Step 2: After the application time has elapsed, the roof is sprayed with water to proceed with defoaming. You cant do it with a pressure washer because its breaks or damages the roof. Proper handling of this accessory requires professional hands. Therefore, using a simple garden hose and pole brush is recommended to gently remove foam broken by the product.

Cleaning the roof

So porous tiles are factors to consider when cleaning the roof. However, some antifoam products can be too aggressive for tiles. Certain products, such as waterproofing or bleach, can affect a roof's waterproofing if it is not suitable for the roofing material. To choose the right product, you need the advice of a roofing craftsman. However, you must use a specific product to remove moss from the roof. Patches of moss between tiles or if the density of moss is not very high. A simple brushing may be enough to get rid of unsightly plants. . To do this, you need to climb a ladder about a meter higher than the gutter and brush it. It is also possible to equip yourself with a safety device attached to the chimney, cycle gently over the roof to clean the vegetation patch. When brushing is complete, run a small amount of water over the entire clean surface without rinsing the product. However, this method of brushing is performed only if there is little moss on the roof. Also, the person who brushes their teeth should not have problems with dizziness or blood pressure that puts them at risk of falling off the roof.


Remove moisture from the roof

Moisture is one factor that promotes the appearance of lichen, lichen, or mold on the roof of a building. Therefore, moisture must be removed to prevent the reproduction of these plants. For this purpose, water-repellent solution loopers are highly recommended.

For roofs that can withstand desiccant, they are usually applied after cleaning. To note, only a roof without plants can be treated from moisture. . To do this, the entire surface of the roof is sprayed with a

water repellent that penetrates the inside of the tile. Then rinse the product with water, as brushing is not necessarily required. A 2 in 1 anti-moss product is commercially available that removes moisture while eradicating plants. That said, it is a very practical antifoam and water repellent product that will save you time when cleaning your roof. At the same time, clean the gutters by removing all waste materials such as leaf debris, moss, and organic debris. Cleaning these ducts allows rainwater to drain normally and promotes the appearance of vegetation without stagnation on certain surfaces that can be a source of moisture.

Do not clean the roof with bleach

Bleach is widely used to clean interiors or disinfect contaminated surfaces but can cause a lot of damage. To be sure, bleach can be used to remove moss from your roof. However, the effect on the tile structure is irreversible. Frequent or extensive use as a cause of cracks and porosity will gradually damage the roof. Therefore, it is not recommended for roofers to use it to remove lichen, lichen, or mold on the roof. Also, for buildings where rainwater drains into the garden, it can be harmful to plants. Grass or flowers around gutter exits may wither if they come into contact with this product.

Also, some roof cleaning products may contain bleach. Thus, it is essential to learn about their components to avoid probabilities. Building experts can provide valuable advice on choosing the right vacuum cleaner.

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