Identify Your Shape and Discover Your Ideal Curvy Swimsuits

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Publish Date : 2022-06-14 08:26:41
Identify Your Shape and Discover Your Ideal Curvy Swimsuits

It's summer, and it's the perfect time to flaunt your body and let the sunshine and water roll on it. But finding suitable swimwear might be a bit challenging for those plus-size beauties. Though there are many options in curvy swimwear now, everything might not be the exact fit for you. Some girls need more cover, while some need a plunging neckline. So, in the journey of finding your perfect swimwear, you are wasting your precious summertime. But no worries, this article will help you recognize your body shape and find the perfect swimsuit.

APPLE Body Type

O-type women have huge breasts with straight hips. They carry most of their weight in the middle part, around the waist, back, and upper torso. The type features a large face and a short neck.

If you tend to have your weight in the centre of your shape, consider a swimsuit that conceals that area. Look for a suit that accentuates your hips and gives your body a curve. Choose frills and a high-waisted bottom that runs through your navel to make your belly seem more attractive. A gathered waist impression may be achieved using colour block suits. Choose a bikini with a high waist, good support, and a shoulder-centred strap.

Pro tip: Consider swimwear with embellishments around your breast or neck that are curvaceous.


When you have a pear shape, most of your weight is centred on your buttocks, where your hips are larger than your bust. You most likely have a slender waist, arms, and shoulders. Hips are generally tiny.

Select a bikini top with a striking print, vibrant colours, or frills. Avoid any features on the bottom, such as tassels or strings. Choose a halter neck suit with a padded or push-up top and a plunging neckline. Avoid boy shorts and bottoms with thick banded bottoms as the extra fabric will draw attention to what you're trying to hide.

Pro tip: Consider swimwear with deep V necklines.


The hips and chest are in good proportion, and the buttocks are straight rather than round. The upper body tends to acquire weight, while the waistline becomes more pronounced. One of the most valuable assets is the lower limbs, usually well-shaped.

Choose a padded or push-up top with frills to create curves and volume. Choose suits with a tie or a low-waisted hip embellishment that falls just above the hips from the mid-waist. Choose a bikini with horizontal striped fabric that is glossy or velvet.

Pro tip: Consider swimwear with higher leg openings.


You have a curvy silhouette with rounded hips and bust. Your shoulders have wonderful side and front shapes and fit your hips beautifully. The body and legs have the same length.

Focus on accentuating your contours while giving sufficient support and coverage. Choose a straightforward halter top with a high neck. To balance the top, choose bottomwear with frills, lateral ties, or decorations, even bottoms that are just over your hips. Horizontal striped curvy swimwear keeps your curves in the right places. Stay away from patterned tops with simple bottoms.

Pro tip: Consider swimwear with asymmetrical suits.


Stop wasting your time on finding the perfect swimming suit. To choose the ideal curvy swimwear, you need to find your body shape. Each body needs a different style of swimsuit. This article will let you know your body type and the best suitable swimming suit.

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