List of Fully-Funded Canadian Scholarships For Students

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List of Fully-Funded Canadian Scholarships For Students

The universities in Canada welcomes students from all over the world, and students prefer getting admission to universities in this region for various reasons. One of the prominent reasons is the wide range of scholarships offered by different universities.

Fully-funded scholarships are the scholarships that support the students to pay their academic fees along with their other expenses such as living, food, and travel. Canada is one of the best choices for students when they apply for such scholarships. It is because the visa application processes to this country for international students are less complex, and the amount offered for the scholarship is also higher.

Keep scrolling this article to know more about fully-funded scholarships available in Canada for international students and choose the best one for yourself.

Top 6 Canadian Fully-Funded Scholarships For International Students

Canada is among the countries that offer a wide range of scholarships for domestic and international students. Some of the scholarships are partially funded, and some of them are fully funded. Most students prefer applying for fully-funded scholarships to support their studies without worrying about their expenses fully.

The following are some of the most prominent fully-funded scholarships available in Canada.

1. Vanier graduate scholarship

Vanier graduate scholarship is one of the highly competitive scholarships offered in Canada. It is an international scholarship that welcomes students from all over the world and Canada. This scholarship is available for doctoral degree programs and is only provided to highly competent students and eligibles. To make their scholarship applications stronger Pakistani students consult the top education consultants in Pakistan to proceed with their application process and ensure they get the scholarship without facing any difficulties.

2. Queen's university scholarship

Queen's University is situated in the state of Ontario. This place is of high interest for people who want to explore along with their studies. Queen's scholarship is available for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies. This University offers a huge range of subjects for both national and international students. The only thing you have to do is give the English proficiency test, either IELTS or TOEFL, to get yourself eligible and submit the application form available on the university site. You can also look for more information on the university site as the University offers scholarships for students without proficiency tests due to the pandemic situation.

3. University of Toronto scholarship

The University of Toronto is the top-ranked University in Canada. It ranks first in Canada and 18 among the universities all over the world. Toronto university scholarship is available for graduate and undergraduate study programs in a wide range of courses. One competitive edge the applicants can get in the year 2021 is that this gives an exemption on the IELTS test due to the current situation. So without any further delay, visit the university site and proceed with the application process with the help of experts.

4. University of Alberta scholarship

Then University of Alberta scholarship is available for graduate, undergraduate, and Ph.D. students. This University is a research-based university, and students keen to specialize and research can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship application for this University opens 4 times a year. Below is the deadline for each intake

  • July 1 for September intake
  • November 1 for January intake
  • March 1 for may intake
  • May 1 for July intake

For further information and scholarship details, visit the Alberta website and go to the international student section to know all the eligibility terms and conditions to ensure you get a scholarship.

5. Université de Montréal

Most students look for opportunities that enable them to apply for P.R and get post work visa after they are done with their studies. Students with such interests can apply for this scholarship as you will be able to apply for a post-work visa and continue doing a job during your studies. The University offers a wide range of courses, approximately 600 and you have to choose from this wide range of subjects. The deadline for autumn intake is July 1; visit the university website for further application details and deadlines.

6. Waterloo scholarship in Canada

Waterloo University is one of the top-ranked universities in Canada and North America. Its ranking is on 9th number in Canada and is only available for competitive students. This University offers scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students from all over the world. You will get to choose a wide range of subjects at Waterloo as it offers subjects and courses of more than 180. To apply for this scholarship, ask for the services of top education consultants in Pakistan to guide you regarding application procedures and help you out in later visa processes to ensure your admission on a fully-funded scholarship in Canada.

Secure yourself a fully-funded scholarship to support your studies!

To avoid your study expenses, you must apply for a fully-funded international scholarship. These scholarships are difficult to avail than partial scholarships, as the candidates and applicant numbers for this scholarship are higher. Contact the education expert or virtual consultant to help in this field to guide you regarding application procedures or proceed with your application process by themselves.

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