What is and how to invest in a real estate auction?

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Publish Date : 2021-03-05 21:34:06
What is and how to invest in a real estate auction?

In recent years, the Colombian real estate market has evolved alongside technology, making processes faster and more efficient. A clear example of this is the real estate auctions carried out over the Internet and a significant increase in this type of virtual event

Real estate auctions have become more common and allow people to acquire a much cheaper property, that is, at lower prices than commercial ones. 

What is a real estate auction ?? ️

Real estate auctions are the way to find the house of your dreams and pay a much lower price than you would pay for it on the market. You can find three modalities: private, face-to-face, and virtual type. 

And we want to tell you that, we already had our first virtual real estate auction. From July 1 to 10 we were auctioning 15 properties in different parts, with lower prices that really could not be missed.

What is a real estate auction? ?? ‍

A real estate auction consists of offering a number of properties at a lower price than you would normally find them in the market, where buyers can offer different values ​​for them until the purchase is closed. 

Keep in mind that each new offer made must be at least 1% higher than the previous offer and that the offer that was made first will take precedence, verifying the date and time.

The winner of the real estate auction will be the one who, at the close of the time scheduled for this virtual event, has made the highest offer, meets all the requirements and the offer is accepted by the seller.

How can I participate? ??

When it is a virtual real estate auction you will be able to enter the website of the real estate agency that is holding the event and thus, you will be able to know all the properties that are going to be auctioned. 

If you want to participate, you must provide your personal information in a form or where indicated on the website, in order to be part of the virtual event and send your offer for the property of your dreams.

What are the benefits? 

You can acquire properties in very good condition at prices below market value and this is definitely a benefit.

Really worth it??

This is a question that many people can ask themselves and the truth is that in a virtual real estate auction it is worth it because you can find good properties for much lower prices. Of course, you can run the risk of losing the value of the bid if you do not pay the entire property after 20 days, after the auction. 

Have they been done before?

Nowadays, real estate auctions have become more common than you think in the real estate market, but we tell you that in it is the first time we have held one.

That is why we want to invite you to the race for the perfect property for you in the sharp auction, learn more, by entering here. Oh, and don't forget that we have the perfect space for you!?


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