What to Do in Sao Jorge and Do I Need a Car?

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What to Do in Sao Jorge and Do I Need a Car?

Sao Jorge Island is located in the Azores archipelago in Portugal. Separated from the Pico and Faial islands by the famous 15-kilometer long Pico-Sao Jorge Channel, this central group of islands is often referred to as the triangulo or The Triangle. Sao Jorge is known to be a long thin island with magnificent tall cliffs. Known to be one of the most stunning islands of the Azores, Sao Jorge is full of surprises. Sao Jorge is unique because of its geographical shape and because its hills are home to some of the most beautiful places in the Azores.

Since there are so many places of interest in Sao Jorge, it is best to have a rental car with you. When you rent a car, you will be able to visit the attractions located a bit further away from the main city. There are many car rental companies on the island, and you can get many options for getting a cheap car hire.

With so many car hire companies in town, you can easily compare car rental prices or do a car hire comparison on what hire cars are on offer at the airport such as AzoreanWay, AUTATLANTIS, Avis, Europcar, Sixt, and Green Island. Once you have your preferred car rental, hire is the things to do in Sao Jorge.

1. Take a stroll around the City of Velas

The best way to start your Sao Jorge adventures is to park your car rental in the heart of the town and then take a stroll around the Vela City streets. The historical center of the city of Velas, which is the main city in Sao Jorge Island, is picturesque and serene. You will get a clear view of Mount Pico when you look out to the sea. As you stroll around downtown Velas, the many restaurants and bars call out to you to have a taste of traditional Portuguese cuisine. Also, visit the Jardim da Republica, the unique green oasis in the center of the city. Don't miss the Castelo de San Jorge.

2. Soak in the natural swimming pool at Preguiça Natural Pools

Can you imagine soaking in a natural swimming pool with a dazzling view of the cliffs and the sea? Well, in Sao Jorge, this dream becomes a reality. The natural swimming pools of Preguica are located amidst the cliffs and rocks that jut out from the sea, and the surrounding beauty is enough to take anybody's breath away.

3. Visit Ponta dos Rosais

One the very southwestern tip of Sao Jorge is the Ponta dos Rosais, a set of little islands that dot the coastline of Sao Jorge. This is an epic location in terms of stunning scenery, and many people venture here to indulge in some photography against the awe-inspiring natural backdrop.

4. Visit the windmills of Uzelina

If you want to see the best sunset in the world, then the Urzelina Windmills in Sao Jorge is the perfect place to head to. The windmills of Urzelina are located facing Pico Island, and they provide a breathtaking view of the sunset every day. Just make sure to set the alarm so that you don't miss the sunset hour.

5. Roam around the coffee plantation in Faja dos Vimes

Sao Jorge is home to the only artisanal coffee plantation in Europe. As you go down the hilly road to Faja dos Vimes, make a stop at Cafe Nunes to try out the best coffee in Portugal. You also have the chance to take a tour of the coffee plantation alongside the owner.

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